Vadim Mulerman. Biography of the disgraced singer

Those who grew up in the 60's or 70's, wellremembered the music that sounded from the "bells" in all the parks of culture and recreation of our vast homeland. "Ferris wheel", "Heart in the snow", "Do not frown, Lada" and other wonderful songs of those years were performed by Magomaev, Obodzinsky, Mulerman.

mulerman biography

Biography Vadim Iosifovicha little different fromthe life path of most of the stars of the Soviet stage, which began in the sixties. Excellent vocal school, passed in a profile educational institution (studio at the theater named after Shevchenko), then service in the Armed Forces, where he also sang. Then - participation in the singing competitions and victory in them.

Stars and thorns

In 1966, the singer Mulerman got his firstThe prize, which opened the way to the Soviet variety Olympus. Then there were international competitions: Bratislava (1968), Prague (1969). Education continued in the conservatory, and then learned to direct the director in the GITIS.

Everything went perfectly at first glance. The first performer of the songs of the best Soviet composers was, as a rule, Vadim Mulerman. The biography of the star, who took a place on the sky of the Soviet stage near Eduard Heal, Joseph Kobzon, Edita Piekh, Leonid Utesov, suddenly diminished her rapid pace after the conflict with Lapin, who in the early 1970s held the post of chairman of the State Television and Radio. He unambiguously expressed the desire to do without the "Mulermanov and Mondrusov" next year (Larisa Mondrus is also a great performer of those years, "Wake up and Sing", "Snowflake"). The hot-tempered singer called the great chief an anti-Semite and a fascist.

mulerman vadim biography

Bitter bread of opal

After such an affront, "The Lame King", "Underthe iron bell of chain mail "," Belated love "ceased to please radio listeners. The TV broadcast was also inaccessible, and for some reason the records ceased to publish, although they had been sold so well before.

In 1971, the question arose of recording music for a newthe television series "Seventeen Moments of Spring". Director Lioznova, knowing about Vadim's ability to sing, "like Tikhonov," insisted that the song was performed by Mulerman. Biography of the singer could replenish this important episode, because both the film and music to him, written by Tariverdiyev, were doomed to success. But the persecution did its job, and the disgraced performer was deprived of this opportunity.

Nevertheless, concert activity continued, Vadim Mulerman performed with first-class orchestras (Kroll, Utesova, Saulsky, Kazhlaeva).

singer mulerman

Emigration and return

In 1992, for family reasons, the singerleft for the USA. My brother became seriously ill, and his treatment did not have the opportunity to earn money in those difficult years in the USSR. Passengers of a New York taxi, sitting in a yellow car, and could not imagine that they will lead the famous Soviet pop singer Murerman Vadim. Biography again made a sharp turn, and seemed forever.

But such people do not give up, despite the heavy losses. And in America the singer found his place by organizing a children's studio in Florida.

A true artist can not live without his audience,and she is here, on her own side. Returned to Kharkov and Vadim Mulerman. His biography began in this city, and now he can walk through the streets familiar from childhood, enjoying communication with compatriots who love and appreciate his work. He for free teaches young talented performers in the Theater of Songs the mastery of vocals. Despising soulless show business, Vadim Iosifovich worships living art and passes it to a new generation, which, there is such hope, will do without phonograms.

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