Vadim Bochanov: biography and creativity

Vadim Bochanov is a well-known domestic actor of theater and cinema. Known also as a screenwriter and Russian playwright.

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Childhood and youth

Vadim Bochanov was born in 1958. He was born in Leningrad.

The first steps on the stage were made while still a schoolboy. In the Theater of Youth Creativity he got the first roles. The theater worked in the format of a circle at the Palace of Pioneers in Leningrad. There the hero of our article came in 1970 when he was 12 years old.

After receiving secondary education, Vadim Bochanoventered the theater school, which was named Shchepkin. He was engaged in the creative workshop of People's Artist of the USSR Viktor Ivanovich Korshunov, the famous artist of the Maly Theater.

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Work in the theater

Theatrical high school Vadim Bochanov graduated in 1980. Immediately after that he joined the troupe of the Lenin Komsomol Theater, which worked in his native city. Now this theater is known as the "Baltic House".

Since 1988 he worked in various creative workshops in Leningrad, as well as in the Satire Theater. In the late 90's he left Russia for America. Until 2002 he played in the Russian-language Atrium Theater in Chicago.

In 2003 he returned to St. Petersburg. Since then, he has been working at the Liteiny Theater.

For his theatrical career Vadim Bochanov, whose photo is in this article, was remembered by the audience for roles in dozens of productions.

For example, this is Dr. Lombardi in "The Servant of Two(directed by Grigory Kozlov), Phalanvi in ​​Guys de Maupassant's "Guys de Maupassant" (directed by Sophia Malamud), Basilio's cat in Alexei Tolstoy's "Pinocchio" (director) - Svetlana Svirko), Menachem in the "Memorial Prayer" by Grigory Gorin (staged by Andrei Tupikov).

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Roles in the cinema

On the big screen Vadim Bochanov first appearedin 1985 in the detective film-play by Yuri Malyatsky "Investigates Bychkov's Brigade." This is a story about the work of the Leningrad militia in the late 1930s and early 1940s. At the heart of the real criminal cases of the time. Bochanov in this picture played the role of petty criminal Salov, nicknamed Salik.

After that, in the film career of the hero of our article, there was a long break, which ended only after returning from the US. All the time before Bochanov was exclusively a theatrical actor.

vadim bochanov

Participation in serials

In the 2000s, he began to often take part in domestic TV series Vadim Bochanov. The films in which he plays are very different, the directors actively invite him to the set.

In 2003, the hero of our article appeared in the episode"Heiress" of a multi-serial detective film "Streets of Broken Lights". At that time was filmed for the seventh season. This is a mysterious story about the death of a large businessman who left his whole state of a suspicious illegitimate daughter from distant Ekaterinburg.

He also played in one of the episodes of the sixth season of this series Vadim Bochanov. The filmography of the actor is replenished, mostly by detective stories.

In the series "Mentovskie Voiny" appears already regularly in the image of the head of the city department of internal affairs, Lieutenant Colonel Tkachev.

In the tenth season of the series "Bandit Petersburg", Bochanov plays in several series of an unnamed arms dealer, who works for a major authority nicknamed Sohaty.

Bochanov and full-length films were in his career. So, in 2007 he was shot in the detective Maxim Kubrinsky "The Era of Sagittarius." He plays Colonel Mikhail Matveyev. The narrative begins with the murder of a large and prosperous businessman in the elevator. Together with him, they kill a couple of retired people passing by. For operatives it is obvious that this is a contract killing of an entrepreneur, and the elderly were killed in order not to leave witnesses. But during the investigation, unexpected plot turns are discovered.

In 2008, Bochanov appears in the film "The Age of Sagittarius-2." This time Colonel Matveyev and his subordinates have to understand the consequences of the corporate party of a large firm.

In 2012, the hero of our article plays in thefour-part melodrama of Alexei Fyodnikov "There would be no happiness." He gets the role of the head of Alena Dmitri Petrovich. Alena is the main character who works in a financial company. She lives with her husband, they are all well, except one. Her chosen one categorically does not want to have children. Will she manage to cope with this?

The last film in which Bochanov played at the moment is a crime drama by Alexei Kozlova and Alexander Ustyugov "Plague", which was released in 2015. He got the role of a vodka seller.

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