A. S. Pushkin. "The Captain's Daughter" - a novel about brave heroes and brave deeds

The novel "The Captain's Daughter" (in the abbreviation of hisit is not worth reading if you want to feel the feelings of the characters) will tell the reader about the events described in the memoirs of nobleman P. P. P. Grinev, a man of fifty years old. The work tells of an insurrection caused by rebel Pugachev, in which Pyotr Andreevich, being a seventeen-year-old officer, unwittingly took part.

A With Pushkin Captain's daughter

In an ironic form represents memoriesGrinev's childhood about the reader AS Pushkin. "The Captain's Daughter" tells of a nobleman who was not cheap, who drove pigeons and played leapfrog with local boys. Grinev recalls that when he was still in his mother's womb, he was already recorded by the sergeant in the Semenov regiment. I looked after Petrusha in childhood Savelich, who was granted a boy's uncle for a sober way of life.

Roman (in the article a brief retelling is given)"The Captain's Daughter" tells us that when Grinev was in his seventeenth year, his father decided to send his son to serve, but not to St. Petersburg, but to the regular army in Orenburg. The dreams of young Peter about a cheerful and brilliant life in the capital city are falling apart, they are replaced by the expectation of boredom in the distant and deaf side.

When Grinev and Savelich come to Orenburg,they are overtaken by a snowstorm. The tent wanders in blizzards, losing track. The novel by Pushkin continues his miraculous rescue of the characters. "The Captain's Daughter" narrates about a man who has accidentally met fellow travelers, who brings them to the point of view. The escort is dressed very lightly, and Grinev presents him with his sheepskin coat and wine as a token of gratitude for his salvation.

A brief retelling of the Captain's daughter

From Orenburg Peter was sent to serve in theBelgorod fortress, which turns out to be a simple village. It does not have a brave garrison, no formidable artillery, but only invalids and an old cannon.

Next, the novel "The Captain's Daughter" introduces the readerwith the commandant of the fortress Mironov Ivan Kuzmich, his wife Vasilisa Egorovna and their daughter Masha. Grinev gradually becomes "native" to them and becomes attached to a kind and honest family.

Close to Peter his education, age andThe Lieutenant Shvabrin becomes a student. But soon between them on the basis of general sympathy for Masha Mironova there is a conflict that ends with a duel. Reading the novel "The Captain's Daughter" in the abbreviation, we learn about the wounding of Grinev in this fight. Masha takes care of him, and young people admit to each other in sympathy.

Has AI allowed to be in love together? Pushkin? The Captain's daughter is a non-dowry, and Grinev's father forbids them from marrying. Peter falls into despondency and secluded. A good emotional shock for him is an unexpected attack on the fortress of the rebels under the leadership of the rebel Pugachev Emelian.

The fortress fell, the captives lead the oath to the leadergangs, among them Grinev. Killed the commandant and his wife, Peter Pugachev pardoned. It turns out that the rebel is the tramp to whom Grinev granted the sheepskin coat.

The Captain's Daughter in Reduction

Ataman gangs talking with Peter and, amazed by hissincerity, lets go of the officer. Grinev rushes to Orenburg to ask for help, since Masha remained in the fortress. Most of all, Peter is frightened by the fact that his adversary Shvabrin is appointed commandant. He, without losing time, forces a girl to marry him.

Grinev's help is denied, and he should enter the fortress himself. Again getting to the rebels, Peter meets Pugachev and explains the reason for his trip. The rebel decides to punish Shvabrin and rescue Masha.

What a finale prepared the reader A.S. Pushkin? The Captain's daughter is released and sent to Grinev's parents as his bride. The bridegroom, left in the army, is at war with rebels. Shvabrin stipulates him, exposing him as a spy. Peter is arrested, he is waiting for a reference to an eternal settlement in Siberia.

From the disgrace of his beloved saves Masha, asking mercy for Grinev at the very queen. The Empress listened to the girl and pardoned Peter.

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