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Mario Puzo is a famous American writer anda screenwriter who became famous for his novel and script for the eponymous film "The Godfather". Despite this, he can not be called the author of one book. Mario wrote many successful novels, short stories and novels both as part of the continuation of the life story of the Italian mafia clan, both outside of it. Mario was also the author of many scenarios for successful films and serials.

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short biography

Mario Puzo was born in New York in 1920 ina family of immigrants from Italy. Despite the fact that he was undoubtedly a 100% American, Italian culture and traditions, he devoted a lot of space to his personal life and creativity. The future writer was born in Manhattan - the most criminal part of New York at the time, which was unofficially called "Infernal cuisine". During the Second World War, Mario served in the ranks of the American army in Germany and a number of Asian countries. All this tempered the character of the future writer and partly became the basis of his subsequent novels and scripts. After the war, he was educated at the College of Social Sciences in New York, and then at Columbia University.

After graduation, the future author workedin a variety of government organizations, including abroad. For 20 years he constantly changed the place of his work and moved a lot. After his 40th birthday, Mario decides to radically change his life and quit his job, which eventually leads him to the path of the writer.

The beginning of literary activity

In the middle of the twentieth century, Mario worked as a freelancerin various magazines and newspapers, and afterwards got a job as a journalist and editor in the magazine of the famous publisher Martin Goodman. This was the beginning of the literary activity of Mario Puzo. The author's books appear several years later. First these are small stories in magazines, and then the first creation of Arena Mark comes out. The book was written under the impression of the events of World War II and told about the love story of an American soldier and a girl from Germany.

mario puzo godfather

Despite a fairly successful debut, the book does notwas noticed by critics and not worthy of special attention, which can not be said about the following creations of Mario Puzo. "Godfather" was born ten years later, but this book brought the writer a lightning success.


The novel was first published in 1969 and alreadya year later became an unquestionable bestseller. The book told about the life of America of those times with all its problems, laws and corruption. This pleased and attracted readers, but such a huge popularity did not expect Mario Puzo. "The Godfather", according to the author himself, was written only to pay off debts, and later he completely provided the whole family. After the overwhelming success of the book, Mario was also asked to write a screenplay for the film based on his work, which he willingly took up. The film received more than a dozen nominations for "Oscar", including a prize directly for the best script. Inspired by success, Mario, together with the famous director Francis Coppola, withdrew the continuation of the story of the Italian mafia clan, which also received the most praiseworthy reviews and huge success.

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Features of the novel

The story of the mafia, and their laws of honor - is,undoubtedly, the basis of the literary activity of Mario Puzo. Books describe the mafia clan of Carleone, operating in the early twentieth century in the United States. According to the author, the prototype of the protagonist Vito was the mother of Mario, who always cared about the integrity and unity of her family. The contradictory hero of the novel - both cruel but fair, attracted the attention of readers around the world. The second character is Michael, the son of Vito, a man who tries to find himself and step away from family affairs, but life circumstances and situations force him to continue his family business in a mafia business. After the success of Mario began to continue the story, which was also a great success for both readers and viewers after the release of films and the eponymous series. It was also thanks to this novel that such terms as kaporezhime, omerta, Cosa Nostra and others appeared in mass culture.

Mario Puzeau First Don

Other novels

In addition to the "Godfather", special attention is also paid toMario Puzo's other works deserve: The First Don, The Sicilian, and others. The author wrote scripts for novels, which later turned into successful films. In the early 90-ies, Mario suffers a heart attack and after a short break again returns to literary activity, in particular, he publishes the novel "The Last Don." Mario Puzo sells the rights to set the film F. Coppole for more than $ 2 million. In 1997, the director shoots the eponymous television series, which was a huge success.

In 1999, Mario Puzo suddenly dies ofheart failure in his home. A year after his death, he published his novel "Omerta", which was the final book of the trilogy about the mafia clan after the "Godfather" and "Sicilian". Unfortunately, Mario did not have time to write a script for this book, as it was planned. The author also did not manage to finish his last work "Family" to the end. The book was published in 2001 and was already completed by his wife Carol.

Activities as a writer

Scenarios for films about the Mafia clan of Carleone -undoubtedly, the basis of Mario's activities as a screenwriter. To date, these films are considered classics of modern cinematography and have not lost popularity. Despite this, the writer also worked extensively on scenarios for other films that received great success. Among them are "Superman", "Earthquake", "Christopher Columbus", etc.

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Mario Puzo - outstanding personality in modernAmerican literature and the film industry. His novel "The Godfather" is considered one of the most successful and popular throughout the world, and the eponymous film, shot under the script of the author, has long become a classic of modern cinema. Based on his numerous works, successful films, serials and video games were shot, and the names of his heroes often figure in the mass culture of not only America but the whole world.

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