Alexander Shiryaev and his namesake

The name Shiryaev in Russia is so common,that many readers are confused about who owns this verse. For example, with the name of Alexander Shiryaev, there are three poets at once, but, fortunately, they all have a different middle name. It is worthwhile to talk more about each of them.

Alexander Shiryaev

Alexander Shiryaev lived enougha long life - from 1922 to 1991. She passed in the Buysky rural settlement of the Kirov region, where he worked as a teacher, and then as a school director, having received the title of Honored Teacher of the RSFSR. His two children became teachers. The young poet's love of poetry awoke in the early years, he wrote about everything that happened around. The first years of creativity were devoted to his home, childhood, parents, friends and all close people. His poetry easily went to music and was performed by local artists.

Alexander Shiryaev

The author wrote about something beautiful, sincere andhigh, often there are lines about love for children. In mature years, the poems of Alexander Shiryaev acquired a more serious meaning, mainly, the work was devoted to the war, the political situation in the world and famous people. Of the 500 poems written over two hundred were published during the author's life in various collections. He did not belong to any literary unions, but his works are familiar to every citizen of Kirov. Many years have passed since the death of Alexander Dmitrievich, but local residents do not forget about him. In March 2017, in Buysky, the Shiryaev Readings were held in connection with the opening of a commemorative plaque in his honor.

The namesake from "Izby-Chitalni"

On a well-known site, "Izba-chitalnya" publishes its ownworks one more Alexander Shiryaev. His civic lyrics attract readers who number more than five thousand. Sincere feedback from grateful fans suggests that today you can become famous without being a member of literary associations and not doing poetry professionally.

Shiryaev Alexander

Sincere lines resonate with people, especiallydedicated to specific people. The most touching poems are dedicated to the daughter. Some of the author's works are published in various collections, the last work is dated 2013.

The third namesake

Alexander Shiryaev "3" was born in 1956 in thethe Republic of Komi. He lived with his parents only up to 17 years. After reaching this age, he had to move to the Tambov region. Relatives remember little Sasha as an incredibly creative child: he always liked to draw, make crafts from wood, and create amazing pictures. In 1975 Shiryaev was drafted into the army, for more than two years he served in the special forces of the Airborne Forces. Over the years, his views on the world have changed greatly, he began to love life in all its manifestations.

verses by Alexander Shiryaev

At the age of 50, he first began to write poetry,devoting them to their friends, relatives and homeland. A few years later he found his reader, many fans were eagerly awaiting the release of new creative projects in local newspapers. Now the modern author has created his personal blog on the Internet, where he publishes his poems. Several of the most popular of them appeared: "Sashka Sharik", "Birches of the Black Earth" and "Mig from life". More than 18 thousand subscribers from Alexander Shiryaev.

Verse about the sister: Andrey Shiryaev

The most famous among the namesake isAndrei Vladimirovich Shiryaev, who was born on April 18, 1915 in a small city in Kazakhstan. Shiryaev always set goals for himself, which he certainly sought. The greatest desire of his youth was for him to enter the Literary Institute. Gorky. For a long time he was preparing for the entrance examinations, and he managed to carry out the desired. At the age of 18 he was enrolled in the Faculty of Contemporary Poetry (Yuri Levitan's seminar).

A young student did not just study at the institute, hereceived from this unspeakable pleasure. The student attended every lecture, responded appropriately to homework, and all his free time disappeared at the seminars. Shiryaev started his career as a journalist and philharmonic artist, until he became head of the POLE portal. In poetic creativity, he surpassed every Alexander Shiryaev. Verses of the sister, published in 2008, brought him real fame:

"My sister, until her eyes, darkening,
do not dare to say or change,
I will wait, as I wait more painfully,
than to live. "

alexandra shiryaeva poetry sister

The tragic fate

Shiryaev Alexander Dmitrievich passed away in life1991-m, and his namesakes continue to please their creativity lovers of poetry. The life of Andrei Vladimirovich was tragic. Being a member of the Writers' Union of Moscow and popular in the country, he spent the last 10 years of his life in Ecuador, communicating with fans of his work through the Internet. In 2013, readers began to notice that the poet's works became depressed. In October, he published in his Facebook new verse "It's time for me," indicating that this is his last line.

October 18, he committed suicide, unable toTo struggle with illness which deprived him of impellent activity and high-grade life. It was his choice. On the eve he completed his last book. During his lifetime, seven of his poetry collections were published, including: "The Chilled Pantheon", "Clay Letter", "The Chilled Angel".

Alexandra Shiryaeva poems about her sister

Instead of concluding

Critics have always considered it an amazing fact thatso many people with one name have achieved high results in the creative sphere. The heroes of the article lived in different cities and did not even know about the existence of each other. People who are far from poetry often confuse authors, believing that Alexander Shiryaev is the one who had the nickname "Ecuador" and once wrote piercing lines dedicated to his sister. Now we know that the author of these lines is Andrei Shiryaev, and he was named Ecuadorian because he lived in this land in recent years.

Each of the poets named Shiryaev has his own readership and those who are really close to their work.

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