Actors "White Sun of the Desert": the history of the creation of a masterpiece of Soviet cinema

"The White Sun of the Desert" - a film that is part of thea gold collection of Soviet and Russian cinema. Although the picture was shot more than forty years ago, it is still happily revisited by ordinary viewers and professional actors. "The White Sun of the Desert" is the theme of our today's article. How was the masterpiece created and the cast was selected?

History of the tape creation

actors white sun of the desert
The idea to remove the "White Sun of the Desert" appeared onwave of success of the "Elusive Avengers", released on the screen in 1966. For the implementation of the picture, a private company "Experimental Creative Studio" undertook, which was not obliged to coordinate the details of the project with the State Committee for the USSR. That's why the film stands apart from the rest of the Soviet films of that period: the idea was very original, new faces flashed in the crew, the main actors were also performed by little-known actors.

"The White Sun of the Desert" was originally dueto shoot Andrei Tarkovsky, and the script to write - Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky. But everything changed dramatically, and the scenario group was headed by Valentin Yezhov (known for the film "Tsar Ivan the Terrible"), and the director's chair was taken by Vladimir Motyl (who shot "The Star of Captivating Happiness").

Anatoly Kuznetsov (Fyodor Sukhov), actor. "White sun of desert"

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The plot of the film unfolds in Central Asia inconditions of rampant gangs of Basmachi. The central character of the film is the Red Army soldier Sukhov. The actor ("White Sun of the Desert" made him popular), who performed this main role, - Anatoly Kuznetsov. He actively acted in film since 1954. But it was the role of the legendary Fedor Sukhov that made him the real star of Soviet cinema. Although Kuznetsov could not get it. Initially, the Red Army soldier, who was positive in every sense, was to play George Yumatov. Filming was started, but a week later there was an emergency: Yumatov drank in a bar and got into a fight. Actor severely mutilated face, so that the continuation of the shooting could not be and speeches. Then the director of the picture had to ask Kuznetsov to replace Yumatova on the set.

The character of Anatoly is a principled man,who is ready to fight for justice to the last, even if the forces are not equal. Fyodor Ivanovich Sukhov always acts consistently, keeps his word and does not refuse the planned plan. As an unconditional leader, the Red Army manages to be persuaded to fight against the Basmachi and the categorical Vereshchagin, the freedom-loving Said, and the young Petrukhu. And although his comrades in the majority were killed, Sukhov brings the case to the end.

"White Sun of the Desert": Vereshchagin (actor Pavel Luspekaev)

white desert sun
One of the most colorful characters in the picture -former head of the imperial customs Vereshchagin. The actors of the film "The White Sun of the Desert" created a number of unforgettable images, but Pavel Luspekaev, who performed the role of Vereshchagin, performed a real feat, agreeing to shoot in the film.

The fact is that even during the Second World Warwar, participating in the partisan movement, Luspekaev was seriously wounded. He was even going to amputate his arm, but the young man insisted that the limb be left. However, his problems did not end there. In one of the reconnaissance raids, the actor froze his feet severely. For fifteen years, the arteriosclerosis of the vessels progressed, and in the 1960s Paul was offered to amputate his legs, he again ventured and agreed only to amputation of all fingers.

During filming in the "White Sun of the Desert"Luspekayev was so hard to move that every few minutes the actor had to sit down on a special chair. Each time Paul won his pain and went to the set. But the character that Luspekaev created was almost the brightest in his career.

Artist of the role of Said

Said, who was buried on the head in the sand by a banditJavdet, and then freed Sukhov, played Spartak Mishulin. Many actors were auditioned for this role. "White Sun of the Desert" could come out on screens with completely different faces, but the candidatures of many of the applicants were rejected. The role of Sayid went to Mishulina - the actor of the Satire Theater. Prior to his participation in the film, he became famous for his role as Pan Director in the "Kabachkas" of 13 chairs. "After the White Sun of the Desert, Spartak Mishulin began actively acting in films and practically did not take breaks until his death in 2005.

Black Abdullah

white sun in the desert actors
In the film "White Sun in the Desert" the actors sharedon two camps: performers who play very negative roles, and vice versa. The head of all villains is Black Abdullah performed by Kakhi Kavsadze, a guest Georgian actor. His grandfather studied with Stalin himself in Tiflis. In the repertoire of Kavsadze about 100 roles played in the cinema. Until now, he is so popular that in Tbilisi his car is met by the guards "under the visor". It was the role of Abdullah at one time brought the actor all-Union fame.

According to the plot of the film, he and his gang are forced toto flee from the Red Army. But his harem is a burden, which must be got rid of. Abdullah not only makes the decision to flee abroad, but considers it absolutely necessary to kill all his wives. As a result, cruel Abdullah dies in a decisive battle with the Red Army soldier Sukhov.

Other actors

the actors of the film the white sun of the desert
In the film, others were shot, no less thantalented actors. "White Sun of the Desert" was an important stage in the career of Raisa Kurkina, Nikolai Godovikova, Tatyana Fedotova, Musa Dudayev, Nikolai Badiev, Vladimir Kadochnikov.

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