A touching story with the motives of "The Beatles" - what does the Norwegian forests have to do with it?

The book "Norwegian Forest" belongs to Peruthe legendary Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. The plot of the book densely intertwines with the melody and words of the song of the same name, but the Norwegian forests have nothing to do with it.

Norwegian forests
This single was popular in the 60's. He helps the reader mentally move to the past and spend some time next to the characters. This work Murakami is characterized by hyperrealism, the life of young heroes is described in a naturalistic and detailed manner, without embellishment. History is permeated with the spirit of the 60's, features of that time. Music "The Beatles" played an important role in the formation of the culture of young people of that generation, so it "sounds" in the novel. The book takes place in Japan, so in the behavior of the heroes you can see the echoes of Japanese traditions and the trend of a new European culture, but you will not find real Norwegian forests in it. This work touches upon the eternal questions of being. The themes of love, friendship and death that hangs over them are raised in the book "Norwegian Forest". Quotes of the novel about death are very deep, therefore they so fell in love with the public. Murakami writes amazing, only his inherent syllable, thanks to which his works are read in one breath. Norwegian forests, as one can understand, have a very distant relation to the plot.

Norwegian Forest - a brief description of the plot

Norwegian forest

Young guy Toru Watanabe, a student, in a recentthe past has experienced a great shock - death is better than Kizuki's friend. In order to forget everything and start life anew, Toru leaves to study in Tokyo, where he hopes to find the goal of his existence. He feels lost, looking for pleasure in life, but does not find it. The guy does not really know how to live and what to do. Soon the young man meets the girl of his deceased friend - Naoko. Toru quickly gets closer to Naoko, they think they fell in love, but the cruel reality is that Naoko can not at all resign herself to Kizuka's death, which greatly affects her relationship with the Torah. They do not part, but between lovers the attraction gradually disappears. The girl goes to treat the shattered nerves in the sanatorium. And the life of Toru goes on in the meantime, he meets another beautiful girl - Midori. This whole story is remembered by Toru many years later, standing at the airport, accidentally hearing the song "Norwegian Forest".

The film "Norwegian Forest", a summary

In 2010, the same film was released on the screens, based on a book directed by the French director Chan Anh Hung.

norwegian forest quotes
The film caused an ambiguous reaction. He is also extremely realistic, as well imbued with the spirit of the 60's, the theme of love and loss of loved ones. The picture is full of erotic scenes, frames of Japanese nature (again not Norwegian forests) and good music of the 60s. Despite the disagreements of critics about the plot or proximity to the content of the book, viewers are unanimous in recognizing the actors' game as magnificent. Young people masterfully convey the feelings, emotions and emotions of the main characters. The film is very unusual, differs from everything that was previously filmed by the French cinema. In the film adaptation of the "Norwegian Forest" some deviations from the plot line of the book are allowed, but the atmosphere created by Haruki Murakami is fully preserved. The film will be of interest to both young people and the older generation.

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