How to find a reliable online store

The Internet is full of offers about discounts and promotions. So how to find a reliable resource to buy, for example, electronics? It is necessary to know several rules that determine the correctness of the choice.

Consider - online store, which offers a variety of gadgets.

On what we pay attention:

  • The company has its own website, as well as e-mail;
  • There is a landline phone where the customer can call and talk about the order;
  • The presence of an address and call center provides a guarantee that the site is real, and there are no scammers out there;
  • There is a mobile version, the site is in the top ten of the TOP issuance, it also speaks in his favor.

Monitor through official sites

There are many more nuances on which you cancheck the reliability of the store before making an order on it. You can check the BIC, TIN on a special website of the tax service, the name of the bank and the account number of the organization, and other information.

If orders are accepted only through e-mail or ICQ, phone, then this should be alarming. A solid company takes orders by phone.

Make a call and everything will fall into place.

What else can tell about the site:

  1. In addition, about the company should be feedback. Not on the site itself, but on other resources. And they may not necessarily be positive.
  2. Also, you should not chase cheapness. If the offered goods are almost twice cheaper than the nominal, then it is better not to take it. It can be a fake. Ask about the site from your friends, maybe someone used his services. The number of buyers of electronics on the Internet is growing, so people can recommend a really reliable resource.
  3. A solid company has a large assortmentgoods, can offer goods on credit and often on the site several forms of payment. In order not to risk the main card, you can use a virtual card, electronic money or make a special card for purchases. The cost of goods usually immediately include VAT, and also promise confidential protection of client information.
  4. The site itself should be credible, and not be filled with advertising and banners. These and other small things should always be known to those who often buy goods online.

If you want, you can choose the method of payment for the goodswhen receiving. This of course will cost more, but delivery by mail of Russia or EMS will give the buyer confidence. Determine for yourself the amount that you do not mind spending and start buying on the Internet. Believe me, this is not only profitable financially, but also extremely convenient. Especially if the stores arrange grandiose sales.

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