Conducting contextual advertising without the help of specialists

Contextual advertising is a text ad that is displayed when a specific search query is entered. Thus, the ad is placed on pages with a certain theme.

Advantages of this type of advertising are appreciated by many website owners, because such ads do not irritate users, but, on the contrary, attract to a certain service or product.

Conducting contextual advertising

Of course, not in all cases there is the possibility or the desire to apply to specialists in the promotion of sites. In this case, the maintenance of contextual advertising is carried out independently, which has its advantages:

- the possibility of detailed development of ads, creating them in accordance with key requests;

- Absolute control of the budget allocated for advertising;

- prompt crediting of funds using known systems (for example, through Yandex.Money);

- there is no need to transfer finances to specialists, which sometimes takes several days, and hence the maintenance of contextual advertising is postponed for this period.

Of course, there are disadvantages of this choice:

- all decisions have to be made independently, and professional advice in this case is difficult to obtain;

- the difficulty of evaluating the results obtained with the help of web analytics;

- risk of inefficient use of the budget.

contextual advertising on yandex

If you made a decision about self-managementcontextual advertising, we highly recommend to study all questions and nuances beforehand. If there is a possibility, then it is possible to pass paid or free seminars.

The system of automated control of contextual advertising (SAUKR)

This type of system is a superstructure over the main system (Begun, Yandex.Direct), which allows you to conduct more effective maintenance of contextual advertising.

In RuNet, there are no special alternatives to SAUKR, sinceother types of systems (,,, are only formally agencies, but they do not work for the user, they only expand the range of possibilities. SAUKR, in turn, causes Yandex.Direct to improve functionality.

contextual advertising on the runner

As mentioned above, the most often placed contextual advertising on Yandex and Begun. The number of impressions in these search engines depends on certain nuances:

- Weekdays or weekends;

- Ad position (above the search results or to the right of the queries);

- Quality of selection of key phrases (determined depending on the subject of the site);

- Seasonality of demand for a product or service.

Starting the maintenance of contextual advertising, you need to perform the following actions:

- Selection of keywords, which will show your advertisements;

- compilation of advertising text;

- selection of landing pages, to which the user gets after the click on the ad;

- adjusting the characteristics of the advertising campaign, including selecting the region and time, the strategy of the show, and more;

- Monitoring of the advertising campaign and making adjustments, if required.

Place contextual advertising on the Runner in the same way, and the effectiveness depends only on the correctly compiled ads and settings.

As you can see, there are no special difficulties here, but we advise you to study the requirements of each search engine in order not to waste time on correcting errors later.

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