Patterns of women's panties: from the pattern to the finished product

Underwear - the most intimate elementwardrobe. After going through many years of transformation, having experienced all the changes in tastes, looks and moral standards, the underwear took on the form to which we are accustomed.

Varieties of female models of cowards

Women's panties recently acquired a familiar andhabitual for us kind. A few decades ago, the most common model was the pantaloons - voluminous shorts from the waist to the knee or mid-thigh. Decorated with such linen with decorative ribbons, ruches, lace. To sew them preferred from natural fabrics - a clap, silk, an atlas.

Modern industry offers women a huge number of different models of panties: slips, thongs, bikinis, tankins, brazilian, culottes, shorts.

Sewing clothes not only from natural fabrics -most of the models are elastic, the material in the composition has a large share of artificial fibers, which, however, does not affect the environmental friendliness and benefits of wearing such clothes.

Popular Models

Two models are the most popular among women: panties-slips, as well as shorts.

Slips are convenient for everyday wearing. A high cut on the hips allows you to wear them with dresses or sarafans with a slit, and fully closed buttocks provide their owner with comfort. In such clothes you can not be afraid that the wind will expose the intimate parts of the body.

Shorts are comfortable and even more closed. They prefer to wear under the sports form, jeans, leggings. The length of such a model of laundry can vary: panties can cover the buttocks or leave them open halfway. In addition, not only fitting models are more common, but also more loose ones, abundantly decorated with ruffles, lace and multi-layered ribbons.

patterns of cowards

Such shorts can be sewn by yourself. Ready-made patterns of cowards, female or male, greatly facilitate the work of seamstresses. And to learn how to build a pattern for your parameters is not difficult at all.


how to sew a women's panties pattern

The finished pattern of female panties often consists of two symmetrical parts and a lining on the gusset. To build a correct and competent pattern, you need to take measurements.

For size 48, the measurements will be:

  • circumference of waist circumference (72 cm);
  • circumference of the thighs (98 cm);
  • height of the side of the seat (26 cm). This height is measured in the sitting position in the chair from the waist to the subacodular fold. Or - from the waist to the line of the beginning of the pubic bone in the standing position.

Building a Pattern

To build a pattern start from the upper left corner. There is marked point T. Strictly down from this point it is necessary to postpone 26 cm (this is the height of the seat according to the premature measure taken). Also, the length of the gusset is plotted: LL1 = hip circumference divided by 10-1 cm. Three long horizontal lines are drawn from the three points T, L, L1 obtained.

A quarter of the hip circumference - 1.5 cm is laid horizontally to the right. A point B is marked from this point. From this point a vertical line is drawn, point B1 is marked.

Size BB1 ​​= 21 cm minus the hip height according to the measurement taken.

The construction of the waist line starts from the point T. On the right side measure a quarter of the waist circumference and mark the point T1. T1 and point B2 are connected with each other.

The construction of the upper line for panties begins at point T. Downward from it is deposited 7 cm, from T1 along the straight line T1B2 is laid 6 cm. These points T and T1 connect the straight line.

The side line will be equal to T2T3, this is 4 cm.

The crotch seam is built from L1 up and down. Lay in both directions the same distance - 2.2 cm (this is a quarter of the obtained length of the crotch).

The side seam of female panties is equal to T2T3 = 4 cm.

From the points that result from this, horizontal lines are drawn to the right. The length is 3.5 cm. These points are connected with T3.

shorts shorts women's pattern

Look at the diagram: the left part - a pattern of transmission, the right part - a pattern of the rear, black lines - auxiliary, crimson - the main, which are cut. The first horizontal line is OT, the second is OB, the vertical crimson line is the height of the seat.

The resulting pattern makes it easy to sew panties-shorts for women. Pattern is simple. You can change it by increasing or decreasing the pellets on the buttocks, the height on the back or on the front.

Patterns of cowards, female in the first place, are very diverse. According to the standard scheme, varying sizes and cuts, seamstresses create new models that are more comfortable and feminine than those previously known.

Cutting and sewing

After the construction of a pattern of cowardsbegin to open tissue. Here you need to be careful not to spoil the model. How to sew women's panties? Pattern is transferred to the fabric. For shorts for beginner handicrafts, it is best to take material that does not stretch very much. If there is a sewing experience, it is necessary to take into account that the pattern must be transferred to the fabric so that the stretching is along the fabric in the horizontal direction. In this case, the model will sit perfectly on the hips.

ready-made pattern of women's panties

The open parts are stitched together. Using simple patterns of cowards (female or male models), you can learn how to sew interesting clothes yourself.

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