Pattern of mittens for all occasions

Many types of work need to be protectedarms. For something suitable thin latex gloves, and for something - good mittens. Everyone decides for himself what to choose. The design of the mittens will have to come in handy so that, not running around the shops, get a comfortable pair to protect the hands.

Not only mittens!

Since childhood, many remember the fairy tale "Sleeve". A peasant from the forest was walking and lost his gauntlet, but the little animals found it and began to live there. So, the peasant lost the mitten, not the mitten. And that's the difference. Children's and women's winter clothes that protect their hands from cold and wind are mittens, while men's designed for work are mittens. The pattern is quite simple, so that you can sew such products yourself at home or manually. With this task, even those who have little experience in tailoring will cope. What is the difference in the cut of mittens and mittens? Only in size and materials. Pattern of workers' gloves, toAs well as smart winter mittens, it will not be difficult. You can build it yourself or find ready-made templates on the sites of needlewomen.

pattern of mittens

From theory to practice

A pattern of mittens is made according to the size of the hand. To do this, a palm should be drawn around the sheet of paper, noting the location of the thumb. Then make two increases: for a free fit (1.5 cm) and allowance for the seams (1 cm). Then circle your thumb on another sheet of paper, marking the place where it joins with the palm of your hand. Exactly the same should make a mark on the first sheet, and then draw the brush in the mirror image.

pattern of mittens made of fur

If you need not only strong, but also warmproduct, the pattern of mittens made of fur will be constructed exactly the same. However, she has a few additional points. This will be discussed in more detail below.

Ovchin - in the case

The pattern of worker's mittens isIt is easy, but when it is manufactured, it is necessary to take into account the material from which they will be sewn. Often they are made from sheepskin. It is a good material, warm, soft and durable. And that the hands were comfortable in the mittens of sheepskin, the pattern of them should take into account the thickness of the fabric, so, along the contour of the template should be added one and a half centimeters. However, mittens are made of sheepskin not only for work, but also for winter, very warm, elegant. They can be cut or trimmed with fur. These mittens are covered and sewed on a similar pattern, but the increase in freedom of clinging then it is not necessary to make them sit well on their hands.

pattern mittens workers

If you need to work

Most often the pattern of mittens is built extremelyjust. It consists of only two parts: a palm and a separate thumb. But sometimes you need to make a more accurate template, so that the mittens are well-fitting brush or that they are comfortable to work with. The pattern of three-fingered mittens is built like a worker, it only takes into account the index finger. Therefore, the template will have to be made a little wider. To ensure that the glove tightly fits your wrist, you need to insert a rubber band into the kuliska. Another way is to sew a knitted cuff.

On fur

The pattern of mittens made of fur will not be anythingdiffer from a simple template. If the material is thick and dense, then you need to add the allowance for free fit. If the fur is thin and soft enough, then you just need to make an increase for the seam. To cut out such products it is necessary so that on all details villi lay in one party.

You can sew mittens in several ways. A pattern of mittens made of fur can be the next.

pattern of mittens

In several layers

Sometimes mittens need double, they are warmer, theyDo not get wet quickly and tight enough. The pattern in this case of all the details will be the same. However, if the inner material is bulky, then the outer part template should be slightly wider than the inner one. To do this, you can remove half a centimeter to fit freely when cutting the inside of the mittens or, on the contrary, to add another half a centimeter along the contour for the outer part. It all depends on the specific situation. It's quite simple to make such an elementary pattern.

pattern of mittens

Sewing rules

So, a pattern of mittens made of fur or from anyanother material is built, now they need to be cut and sewn. When cutting, the future use of mittens should be considered. If these are simply working gloves, then they need to be made a bit wider, although not too much, so that they are comfortable to work with. If necessary, a part of leather or special rubber is cut out and sewn onto the part of the handheld. This is done so that the mittens do not slip on the surface during operation.

There are some nuances in sewing mittens made of furor sheepskins. Very often such material is sewn on the front side. The seam turns out to be external and should be as accurate as possible, and threads should not stick out of it. The fur is covered with a pile in one direction, even if it is inside the mittens. Fur or fur lapels can be sewn separately, by cutting an additional detail, and you can immediately provide them for the main pattern.

Working gloves are often sewn from a dense fabric,for example, tarpaulins. The peculiarity of sewing this type of products is to remove the seams, otherwise they will rub the skin during work. Therefore, you have to use a stitching stitch or manually make a flat seam.

pattern mittens workers

Gauntlets are a necessary item in the household. They will protect their hands from frost, wind, moisture, as well as from bruises, cuts and corrosive substances during various works. On the proposed patterns, you can sew not only working gloves for men, but also kitchen potholders, as well as bags for New Year's children's surprises. In fact, mittens are a necessary thing in many situations, because they so often help us out.</ span </ p>

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