Details on how to lay down a sheet on an elastic band

In this material, we describe how to fold the sheet on an elastic band. Step by step this process is described below. This approach allows you to save a lot of space. This skill can be very useful.

how to lay down a sheet on an elastic band


We turn to the practical part of the solution of the problem,how to fold a sheet on an elastic band. We take it in our hands and hold it in length. We thrust the fingertips into the far corner of the sheet, into the corner seam. Thus, we have in our hands one lower and upper parts. As a result, the material must be completely turned inside out.


We proceed to the next stage of the solution of the problem, asfold the sheet on the elastic. We put the first corner into the second. We reduce the tips of our fingers together. Turn the corner so that the outside is outside. We proceed to the next stage.

how to fold a sheet on an elastic band step by step

So, how to lay down a sheet on an elastic band? We hold both corners with one hand. As a result, we should get a short loop from one side and a long one on the other. Put your fingers on the seam stitch. He must touch his hand. Then we get to the next corner of our sheet. Proceed to the next step. We poke the corner. We take part of the sheet. We poke it under two corners.

Further instructions

Before you lay down the sheet on the elastic, you needpractice several times. We take the last corner not used previously. The rest must be folded by this time. We poke this angle. It is also placed under three, which are already in the hand. The back of the fabric should touch the inside of our stack. Shake the sheet. The long edge should hang from one side, the short one - with the opposite side. Proceed to the next step. Take the corner or fold the short side. Shake all the sheets. This will help spread it. Fold it in a rectangle or square. The edge with the rubber band must pass on both sides. Straighten the sheet. We put it on a flat surface. Straighten it in the form of a square. Perhaps you have to make amends for one of the edges. Straighten the maximum number of folds. We keep the corners together. Fold the sheet in parts. They can be 3 or 4. The amount in this case depends on the size of the sheet.

how to fold a sheet on an elastic band photo

The thickness of the fabric can also affect the readyresult. Straighten the folded sheet. Fold it in such a way that it turns out to be flat. This approach in the future will avoid wrinkles. Now the main task is completed. We recommend to fold the usual pillowcases and sheets in a similar way. This will allow all bedding items to be held together. They can be folded into a pile and bandaged with a rope or ribbon. The above approach allows you to keep the bed linen in order. At the same time, it is possible to use space in the cabinet more efficiently. Outwardly the result of this folding looks more diligent. In addition, for greater convenience, all sets of sheets can be stored inside one of the pillowcases. Now you know how to lay down a sheet on an elastic band. The photos attached to the material will help you in this process.

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