Dress-transformer - a pattern of universal clothes

To date, there are numerousdresses-transformers, whose patterns differ from each other. Depending on the cut, the model can be subjected to both light changes and capital transformations.

Pattern dress-transformer "Emami", for example,besides its main purpose, allows you to combine in one piece of clothing tunic, skirt, sarafan and even breeches in all possible variations. "Emami" is a large piece of fabric with an elastic belt and long ties, due to which the model is mounted in a variety of the most diverse options. If you want to sew such a dress-transformer yourself, its pattern will not be particularly difficult. You will need a piece of fabric (best supplex) 150 cm wide and about 2.1-2.2 meters long, part of which (width of 15 cm and length, depending on the waist of the future owner) will go to create a belt.

dress up transformer pattern

Also it will be necessary to make from the samematerial or purchase a separate long cord. We arrange our long rectangular free piece of the supplex vertically. From above we sew the belt, from below we make a kuliska, into which we insert the lace. When these simple manipulations are performed, you can try on our dress-transformer. The shape of "Emami" is so simple that drawing its drawing does not make much sense.

Dresses Transformers Patterns
Creating a dress-transformer, whose patternbased on this model, it should be borne in mind that the elastic part will be located not only at the waist, but also, with different combinations, under or even above the breast. Therefore, if a girl has a large bust, with the cut of the belt it is necessary to take this fact into account. Otherwise, either the transformation possibilities of the dress will be slightly reduced, or the convenience of the model will suffer. For example, to create costume variants that imply the location of the belt above the chest, it will not be enough just to move the corresponding part from the waist to the proper place. Instead, you have to completely remove the element of clothing and put it over your head.

shaping dress transformer

Also quite popularInfiniti - dress-transformer, whose pattern allows you to change the upper part, leaving the lower untouched. Therefore, the problem described above is irrelevant for this model. "Infiniti" is a dress consisting of a skirt and attached to it two wide strips of cloth with a belt. Due to the latter, the model is transformed. You can come up with quite a few different combinations, refreshing outfit. However, in the case of Infiniti, the dress will remain a dress, whatever you do with it.

In addition to the model described above, there are alsoOther patterns, by those or other details different from it. But they are all built on the same principle: an invariable or slightly adjusted bottom (skirt) and a variable top. Therefore, for lovers of bold, original and multi-functional solutions, a dress-transformer, based on the "Emami" pattern, will be the most attractive choice, of course.

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