Curtains for the living room with their own hands: choice of material, sewing technology

What is the function of the curtains in the living room? The living room is the face of the house, a reflection of the taste of the mistress. A room that will tell a lot about its inhabitants. Depending on the material, curtains can affect the illumination of the room and change its interior. It is remarkable that thanks to the efforts of designers, you can choose curtains for any style and filling the room. And remember the opportunity to sew curtains for the living room with your own hands, imagination with this kind of needlework can be unlimited. Then you will definitely get wonderful things out that will fully correspond to all your taste preferences.

curtains for the living room with their own hands

5 factors affecting the successful selection of curtains

1. Color. Playing with flowers, you can visually enlarge your living room.
When choosing a color, pay attention to the color of the furniture or carpet, perhaps some decor, for example decorative pillows.

2. The density of curtains. If your living room is cool in the evenings, then it's worth taking a closer look at the thick curtains, they will cover from drafts and noise from the street. A curtain made of translucent fabrics will give a feeling of airiness to your room.

3. Semi-darkness or light. For fans of the dusk and morning slumber, curtains made of dense fabric are perfect. Larks can choose thinner materials. Different fabrics have their own characteristics in artificial lighting and can significantly affect the comfort of being in the living room.

4. Seasonality of curtains. Try sewing curtains in the living room with your own hands from several layers of fabric or order in the salon. They will fit in any season due to their layering. The first layer of dense fabric will save from the wind and bright sun in the spring. The backdrop of tulle and similar fabrics will enhance the charm of a summer day outside the window.

5. Method of attachment. A common cornice with rings of various materials is very durable, fashionable and popular. For heavy curtains with large and ugly fastenings, you can pick up a lambrequin. He will hide unnecessary details and add solidity to your living room.

curtains in the living room with your own hands
Material selection

You know exactly the purpose and color of yourwonderful curtains. Now you need to think about their materials and accessories. Basically, choose tulle. There are a few of the most sought-after types of fabric, from which do the so-called lace curtains:

  1. White veil, made of 100% polyester.
  2. Micro-wave, differs by a more delicate interlacing and has a glow effect.
  3. A white silk veil is made of 100% silk.
  4. Half-organza is a thin transparent fabric with faceted shiny threads, 100% polyester.

For thick curtains, fabrics such as velor, velvet, chenille, satin, cashmere and the like are suitable.

When you decide to sew curtains for the living room,Think about what accessories will complement and decorate your room. It can be ribbon curbs, various frills, interesting pick-ups or classic cords, modern stitches for curtains.

Sewing curtains at home

You have decided on all the necessary nuances forchoosing the type of curtains, fabrics and accessories. Now you can talk about how to sew curtains for the living room with your own hands. So, it will be a model on the eyelets, which again come into fashion. It will go to many interiors and is fairly simple to manufacture.

Prepare the materials necessary for making such curtains:

  • lover's ribbon;
  • dense curtain fabric;
  • meter;
  • iron;
  • pliers;
  • chalk and tracing paper;
  • cornice clips;
  • thread and sewing machine.

sew curtains for the living room

Fabric making from fabric

  1. Height: from the floor to the eave, from above you need to add 10 cm and from the bottom 20 cm. The width is equal to the width of the window taken twice. The length of the ribbon is equal to the final width and another 20 cm to the hem.
  2. Cut out the cloth and sew on the top to strengthen the stiffness. Then sew side seams.
  3. Measure 3 cm from the top edge, this is the location of the tape. Wrap and pass the iron.
  4. Cut the ribbon to the desired length, stitch it from the wrong side. The distance from the edge and sides is 5 cm.
  5. Turn the fabric on the side to cover the ribbon. Take the eyelets in an even number and place them within 10-15 cm.
  6. Mark the location on the fabric and cut the holes slightly less than the eyelet. Insert the eyelets and snap them, if necessary, use the pliers.
  7. Now you need to flush the bottom edge with a double fold, and your curtains are ready.

curtains for living room in classic style

Classic Edition

For many centuries in a row the curtains for the living room inclassical style remain the most popular products. Such panels are suitable for any furnishing, and an interesting lambrequin will add sophistication. Elegant curtains of this type are known and loved in many homes. Because it's enough to hang them, and in the room there will immediately appear a droplet of solemnity, a sense of celebration.

curtains for the living room with their own hands

Unusual curtains

You learned about the curtains, which are popular in many rooms. Curtains for the living room with their own hands can be made from completely unusual materials:

  • Crocheted crocheted, made of ordinary beads, made of beads and ribbons, etc.
  • From handkerchiefs and photos, with fastenings from tapes. And also from CD-ROMs, etc.

The field of activity for your imagination is more than huge, because curtains for the living room, created by your own hands, can be very different.

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