Knitted sweaters: eternal fashion with their own hands

Knitted sweaters never went out of fashion. This is not surprising: a variety of types of yarn, types of knitting, models provides such a wealth of choice, as no other category of women's clothing.

What are knitted sweaters? Under this definition are suitable and tops for the heat, and cardigans for cool weather, thin, lacy items of iris and cozy fluffy jackets from grass. That is, you can include the knitted top of almost any set of clothes.

And there are a lot of ways to mate: crochet and Tunisian, knitting needles, a fork, a knitting machine ... Some things are created almost from the same cords, which connect the narrow strips of knitted fabric.
This garment is relevant for any timeof the year. Light summer knitted cotton sweaters are very pleasant to wear in the heat. Pattern knitting and natural materials - cotton and linen - create maximum comfort, besides such things are well erased, which allows them to be worn not only on the way out, but every day.
For the off-season knithooded sweaters that are made of a thicker thread with a coat, if you do not have allergies to it. Otherwise, you can use acrylic, the yarn from it is so diverse that every knitter can choose something to your taste.

In general, knitted sweaters are comfortable clothes forgirls of any age, and with sufficient skill of the master, besides very beautiful. If a woman knits herself, then such a thing will also become a way of self-expression, an occasion for pride.

Well, when the company is going to severalknitters, then immediately there is a new topic for discussion, and in the collective creativity each master sharpen their skills, using hints from the experience of girlfriends.

Knitting patterns and product descriptions can be found inmagazines or the Internet, and then slightly modify the model to suit your preferences, if there is such experience, and start making. If there is no experience, it is better to choose a product that suits everything in order to work clearly according to the scheme or description. So you definitely will not get confused, and if you get confused, you can always go back to the moment when everything went right and tie up.

Knitted sweaters for summer - tops or bolero -to make it easier. It is this model is best to choose a beginner master. If you have not yet mastered complex patterns, try to tie a standard jersey out of elastic yarn to avoid a complex calculation of armholes and darts. The pattern of this product is 2 rectangles, sewn on the sides between each other and 2 thin strips - straps. Knit is easier than simple, and space for creativity: it's better to tie the backboard smoothly, and you can experiment with the front. Also there is an opportunity to beautifully trim the lace straps, the collar and the bottom of the product, you will get a very elegant blouse for the summer.

More complex sweaters are knitted in patterns thatyou can either pick up for your size, or build yourself by your own parameters. The first option is suitable for any standard figure, for non-standard it is better to make individual patterns. This process differs little from the construction of a pattern for sewing, except that more inaccuracies are allowed, which can be hidden by the very structure of knitted jersey.

Much depends on the thickness of the thread, for thick, embossed binding, it is better to choose a free model, and by opening a tight-fitting blouse it is better to buy thin yarn for its execution.

Knitted sweaters can be chosen for any typefigures. The basic principles of choice are the same as for selecting clothes from other materials: what you need to hide is that you do not need to allocate anything, but in a place where you want to draw attention of others it is better to arrange some accent: a bright drawing, a large pattern, etc.

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