How to make a skirt out of a dress: instruction

Probably, every woman in the closet will find a systemdress, which is already tired, and throw a pity. Well, you can make a new one out of such a thing. You do not have to be a jack of all trades. A little wit and a small amount of knowledge in the field of sewing is enough. So, how to make a skirt out of a dress?

how to make a skirt out of a dress

What is required for this

So how to make a dress skirt in the homeconditions - it's a simple thing, you can include fantasy and create something original. First you need to prepare all the necessary tools and materials. For work you will need:

  1. An old dress.
  2. Sewing accessories.
  3. Pins.
  4. Wide elastic.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Threads that match the color.
  7. The sewing machine.

To work with the material, you need to make all the necessary measurements. Since it is necessary to make the skirt carefully from the dress, it is necessary to accurately measure the length of the future product, as well as the waist circumference.

How to make a belt

To make a skirt of a dress, you needto make a belt. Elastic gum is better to take a width of more than 5 centimeters. It is worth it to cut off all that is superfluous. The length of the gum should correspond to the waist circumference. In addition, you need to add about 2.5 cm for the allowance on the seam.

Prepared segment should be folded in half, and then stitched along the narrow edge, retreating at the same time from the edge of 5 millimeters. That's all - the belt is ready.

how to make a dress skirt at home

How to make a skirt out of a dress

First of all it is necessary to calculate the length of the futureproducts. After the measurement it is necessary to cut off all the excess from the dress. If the length of the dress is 70 centimeters, and the skirt should be no more than 60, then 10 centimeters must be cut off. After that, it is necessary to turn the bodice. For this, you can use conventional scissors. The result is a rectangle made of cloth.

How to make a dress with a skirt? It's simple. The sewing machine needs to be moved to the longest step. After that, the top of the dress should be stitched in just a few lines, leaving a long enough thread behind it. At the end of the work, the skirt should be gathered in creases. To do this, pull the thread. The top of the skirt should fit the size of the previously prepared belt.

The final stage

Now you need to sew the workpiece to your belt, sohow to make a skirt without a rubber band is simply impossible. To begin with it is necessary to connect separate parts of a product by means of pins. After that, you need to sew the edge of the skirt to the belt with a sewing machine, performing a zigzag stitch.

In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the entire edge is captured. Otherwise, there is a risk of unraveling. Now it's worth removing all the pins. The skirt of the old dress is ready.

how to make a skirt out of a girl's dress photo

In conclusion

Now you know how to make a skirt out of a dress forgirls. Photos can help you better imagine what happens in the end. Similarly, you can remake the dress for an adult woman. The main thing is that the style should fit. If desired, the belt can be zadekorirovat. For this purpose, beads, large beads and a bow of satin ribbon will suit. If the length of the skirt does not fit, then it can be made to the knee or even shorter.

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