How to make a cube of paper - a few simple tips

How to make a cube of paper? There are two ways to quickly and easily create this equilateral paper hexahedron.

The first method is to first draw and cut the scan of the cube, and then glue it together.

cube from paper circuit
If this method suits you, you needprepare the necessary tools and devices. In order to do a sweep, you will need paper, a pencil, a ruler, as well as scissors and glue. This set of office supplies, no doubt, there is everyone who needs to make a cube of paper.

The diagram of a three-dimensional hexahedron is very simple. Initially, you need to draw a shape in the shape of a cross and divide it into six equal-sized squares in such a way that one side of the cross is twice as long as any other. It should be noted that there should be narrow strips on the outer sides of each square.

how to make a cube of paper
Using these strips, it is easy to glue the figure neatly. This is one of the ways to make a cube of paper.

The second method does not require the use of anyspecial devices. The technique by which you can create this polygon is called origami. How to make a cube of paper using origami? This is by no means difficult. To begin to fold a hexahedron it is necessary from a square sheet of paper. First of all, it is necessary to fold the sheet into a standard origami figure - a double triangle. Such a figure is obtained by folding the paper in half, making a rectangular sheet from a square sheet, and then folding it again, again obtaining a square. After that, open the resulting figure in such a way that a triangle is obtained from both sides. This is the first answer to the question of how to make a cube of paper, using origami.

Then it is necessary to make several more manipulations with the double triangle.
Its edges on both sides must be bent to the top. Again turned out a square, the opposite corners of which we add to the center. So, we made a hexagon, which has two pockets on each side. They need to bend the two halves of paper at the top of the figure. Next, take a needle and make a small hole in the top of the hexagon, and then it must be strongly blown. So you get the right body.

There is one more technology for making a cubewith the help of origami. But it requires six pieces of paper, which form a certain shape, and then collect in a cube. Accordingly, the more materials used, the less rational is the method of manufacturing a three-dimensional body, so we do not describe this origami method. The two options that were discussed above are less laborious, which means they are ideal.

how to draw a cube of paper

Now you know two convenient ways of how to make a paper cube very quickly and effortlessly. But you can practice your theoretical skills only in practice, so take a square piece of paper, the necessary devices, and make this beautiful hexagon, which can be used not only as a visual aid, but also as an interior decoration!

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