We sew slippers-bunnies with our own hands

Today you can buy almost everything that neitherI would like. That is why manual labor has recently become very appreciated, and so-called hand-made products are quite expensive (both from a material and from a slightly different point of view). In this article we will talk about how to sew slippers-bunnies with their own hands.

slippers for bunnies


First of all, you need to stock up on certainmaterials. So, in this case, you need a warm cloth (fleece for the outer and inner sides), leather or dermantine for the sole, as well as sewing accessories.

How to sew slippers "Bunnies": pattern

First of all, you need to prepare a patternproducts. It will be necessary to cut out four basic details: the sole, the rectangle for the shaft, the piece in the form of an English letter U, and also the detail in the ear. As you can see, the preparatory stage is not so complicated. By the way, you can make your own adjustments and sew up slippers-bunnies with your own hands, somewhat different from those shown in the photo above.

Inner boot

Begin to sew slippers-bunnies with your own hands betterwith an inner boot. To do this, you need to translate the pattern on the fabric and cut it out with the allowance on the seams (1 cm). Now you need to attach a rectangular piece (bootleg) to the U-shaped flap (hug the very leg) with pins, as an option - just sweep. The fabric is put face to face, then the place of spalling is spread on the machine, just sewn with the stitch and the back of the boot. By this principle, you need to prepare and the sole (only here the product stitches the back to the back). It is possible to attach a lining-warmer to the foot, if the house is rather cool. Now you need to sew the sole to the rest of the product. To do this, the detail-stop is carefully inserted into the place prepared for it and swept out, beginning with the socks. Next, you need to stitch the product in a circle, cut off excess allowances and sweep the bottom (you can do this with a "zigzag" line on the sewing machine, but it's better to use the overlock if you have the opportunity).

Sewing Slippers Bunnies Pattern

Outer boot

We make slippers-bunnies with our own hands further. Now we need to prepare an external boot. It is done exactly the same as the inner one.


We make ears for slippers. For this, two cut details are sewn face to face, and then they are turned out. On top it is recommended to start the stitch at a distance of 5 mm from the edge to make the product more durable and cute.

Connecting parts

Now we need to figure out how to sewslippers-bunnies, i.e. to connect all the details together. It will not be difficult to do this. First of all, you need to sew the ears - they are inserted between the inner and outer boot (it is important to properly mark them, the right side up). The product is stitched around the shaft. However, the seam is not stretched to the end, because it will be necessary to unscrew the product. At this stage it is important to sweep all the seams, cut off excess. Now you can unscrew the sneakers through the hole left, cover the hole with secret stitches. That's it, the product is ready!

how to sew slippers bunnies


You can also do on the front of the sneakercute wrinkles. To do this, you need to stitch a small segment in the center of the sneaker and pull the product down the bottom thread. Thread and fasten and hide. You can also sew a nice hare's tail - a funny pompomchik. Well, no one forbade the use of a variety of accessories in their work. Do you want glamorous bunnies? Why so much easier! Sequins, beads, rhinestones, all sorts of ribbons-bows - which only does not exist in modern stores! Create, invent, try!

Sunny bunnies are our childhood friends!
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