How to build a sleeve pattern: a step-by-step instruction for beginners

Pattern of a sleeve, long or short, thisan indispensable detail of all classic models of clothing. A few simple calculations, an accurate eye and half an hour of time - that's all we need to do when building a sleeve pattern. We will draw a pattern on the Italian method, which is distinguished by its simplicity and lack of fit. The result will ideally fit the figure, which is important.

hose pattern
Removing measurements

Getting started is always the same. It is not so important, you are going to sew pants or you need a pattern of dress with a sleeve - first you need to remove the necessary measurements. In our case, you need to measure your hand as accurately as possible. Here's how to do it:

- Determine the length of the arm from shoulder to elbow. It is important to put the beginning of the measuring tape on the shoulder, that is, the place where this part of the hand begins to smoothly round down. As a rule, this is almost the very edge of the hand (from half a centimeter to two).

- Determine the desired length of your sleeve. To do this, you need to measure the entire length of the arm from the shoulder to the wrist or just below it. In general, it all depends on what you want a sleeve - a long or three-quarters.

- Determine the arm circumference by two measures,measuring it at the level of the wrist and elbow. By the way, the last measure needs to be approached very responsibly: the slightest mistake can lead to the fact that you "do not fit" into the sleeve, even sewing clothes from a very elastic fabric. Therefore, the elbow is best bend, putting his hand on the belt.

pattern dress with long sleeves
Sleeve Pattern: Construction

We need to draw a rectangle of fourpoints A, B, C and D, in which the two sides are equal to the length of our sleeve, and two horizontal sides - to make up its width. Calculate the last figure you can by measuring the half-chest of the chest and dividing it into three, and then adding to this third another three centimeters. All that has turned out, multiply by two and get the width of the sleeve.

Then you need to determine the height of the pellet. It is equal to three quarters of the depth of the armhole (you can measure it by your usual blouse) minus a centimeter. We postpone the resulting number on the left side of the sleeve down, set the point and draw from it to the right a horizontal line to the right side.

dress pattern with sleeve
The sleeve pattern includes auxiliaryline. To build them, you need to divide the upper horizontal line (the width of the sleeve) by 4. From all the points of division, we lower the perpendiculars downwards. Then, through the midpoint (the highest at the sleeve) of the points indicated in the previous step, we draw a smooth line. This will be the pellet.

The bottom of the sleeve should not be even, but slightlywavy. By the middle there will be a so-called hollow, starting in the centimeter from the bottom on the left side and at the same level ending in the middle. And from the center - a kind of convexity of similar dimensions.

hose pattern

This basic principle of construction will help you,when you need a pattern dress with a long sleeve, coat or jacket. But also on its basis, with your individual measurements, absolutely any sleeve, absolutely any models of clothes can be built. Having understood the main principles, you will be able to experiment, and soon any sleeve pattern will take you only a few minutes.

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