How to sew cozy and beautiful slippers for a house

Comfort in the house is always associated not only withbreathtaking aromas from the kitchen and live fire in the fireplace, but also soft and comfortable slippers. It's nice to get rid of shoes and let your legs rest after a hard day's work. To feel good in your home environment, you need to know how to sew slippers that will fit comfortably on your foot and suit your home suit.

Many do not consider it necessary to do such triflesindependently, preferring to buy them in the store. But we - with you know how nice to sew slippers with your own hands for yourself and people close to us. They will warm them on long winter evenings, and remind us of our care and attention.

How to sew home slippers and what material forthis use? Suitable any unnecessary things and flaps jeans, knitwear, furs, suede and leather, as well as drapes of bright colors. Before sewing slippers, you should choose the right model and make a pattern of the right size.

You can make comfortable home slaps from felt. The manufacturing process takes only 20 minutes. It became interesting how? We'll tell you. Take a sheet of paper and outline your foot on it. Add on all sides for 1-1.5 centimeters for a free fit. Now, to the foot, draw two rectangles 5-8 centimeters wide and 10 centimeters long on each side. They will play the role of a lint restraining slippers on the leg.

We have got a kind of letter "T" withprotruding upper part. Cut out two felt slippers from felt. Connect the side pieces to the ring. Try and adjust their legs. Then sew a few stitches and decorate with a large decorative button or any other detail as desired. Home slaps are ready.

How to sew slippers from fabric.

The easiest way to make a pattern is togently pruning old slippers and tracing every detail. But if you do not have such an opportunity, then we proceed as follows. Circle the paper on the paper and add on all sides to 1.5 centimeters, after which we cut out. On the details of the foot, we mark the level at which the top of the slippers will end. We bend on the made marks of a detail of a sole and we see before ourselves a small rounded detail of the top part. We circle it on paper and cut it out. The resulting part is carefully cut in the middle, directing the ends of the scissors to the rounded part, but do not cut it to the end of 1.5-2 centimeters. We put the workpiece on paper, push the ends of the cut piece apart 5 centimeters. Circle the modeled top detail.

Having finished with the pattern, we start to cutparts from the fabric. It will be necessary to make double details of the sole and top for each slipper. The underside of the sole is best made from leatherette, felt or thick jeans. For the top, any beautiful fabric will do. If it is sufficiently dense, then one layer is enough. For thin tissue you need to find a lining. Cut out the details of the sole. Fold them together and join the stitch at a distance of 2 millimeters from the edge. Also we connect the details of the top of the slippers, then we edged the straight cut with an oblique bake or decorative braid.

We put an upper hand on the sole. We adjust the details by notching and pinning with needles. We connect with a straight line. We edged the soles of the slippers with an oblique blind. The ends of the braid are overlapped and stitched together. Choosing a plain cloth for house slippers, be sure to take care of decorating the top with any decorative trim. For this purpose, embroidery, applique, remains of beads, bright beads or rhinestones will do.

Knowing how to sew slippers, you can please notonly seven gifts, but also take care of people who come to visit you. To do this, make a special guest set of identical slaps of different sizes. Having made a nice pocket for such slippers, and placing it on the wall in the hallway, you will not have problems with finding shoes for guests.

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