Skirt on the floor with your own hands to envy your girlfriends

One of the few skirts that reallycan be attributed to universal, is long. It belongs to this category due to the fact that it can be worn for work, office, and date. To create this wonderful thing you just need to choose the color and material and follow the following instructions.

a skirt on the floor with your own hands
To start, you need a centimeter tape to take the measurements necessary for tailoring, namely:

A. The volume of the hips.

B. The volume of the waist.

B. Length (optional).

After the necessary measurements to the indicator,indicating the volume of the thighs, you need to add 2 centimeters for a free fit. After this, the resulting parameter must be divided by 6. The resulting digit will be a parameter that displays the width of the wedge of our skirt at the waist.

After the foregoing, tothe parameter of the thigh size should be added 4 centimeters on the free fit of the skirt, then the resulting result divided by 6. This result will be a parameter of the width of one wedge of our future skirt over the hips.

After all the measurements are ready, the skirt in the floorwith his own hands begins to crack. To perform this procedure, you need to draw a rectangle ABCD on a large sheet of paper. AB is a width parameter that is equal to the width of the wedge along the hips. AD is the length of the future skirt. After these steps are carried out, it is necessary to draw a line down exactly in the middle of the rectangle.

skirts in chiffon

After this you need to mark AB on the sidemiddle, after retreating from it by 16-20 centimeters down. The length will depend on what kind of skirt you want to make on the floor: freely falling (for it the indent is 20 centimeters) or lush (for this type the indent will be 16-18 centimeters).

After indenting, you need toa horizontal line from one side to the other - this will be the line of the hips. And on the upper side of our rectangle, it is necessary to mark the waist line, retreating along the edges. In this case, you need to use a parameter that indicates the width of the wedge of the skirt at the waist.

The next stage will be the connection by straight lineships and waist. After that, the data lines must be continued down to the boundary of the rectangle below. Further, having deviated from the angle D 5-10 centimeters upwards, by a smooth line connect this point with the middle of the wedge. The same actions must be taken with the angle C.

And, at last, there is one stage left. It is necessary to spread out the received pattern on the fabric you have chosen. In this case, do not forget that on each seam it is necessary to leave a stock. At the bottom it is necessary to leave 2,5-3 centimeters, on each side of a wedge of 1,5-2 centimeters. After all the above actions are completed and everything is ready, you need to grind all the parts together, bending the fabric from below and from above. Then you just need to process the resulting product. Congratulations, your skirt on the floor with your own hands is done!


In the summer, I want to wear something light and gentle. Skirts of chiffon in the floor are the perfect choice.

In order to sew a skirt of chiffon, you will need the following:

1. Cloth - 2x1.5 meters.

2. Threads for the color of the selected material.

3. Wide elastic band.

Due to the fact that the material is transparent, you will need to sew a chiffon skirt in the floor with a poduct (its length will be 30 centimeters).
Let's get started!It is necessary to take the material from which the skirt will be created on the floor with your own hands, fold it in half, sew the edges together, process the seams. Then you should cut off the elastic band of the right size and sew it in a circle, then stitch it to the base of our skirt.

A skirt in the floor on an elastic band is a great thing!She makes her owner more slender and feminine. A skirt in the floor, made by hand, will be a worthy occasion to be proud of it before your girlfriends.

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