How to sew a skirt on an elastic band quickly and easily?

how to sew a skirt on an elastic band
There are situations when in the women's wardrobelacks a simple, light and comfortable skirt. Or, say, you bought a vending top, and you do not have a suitable bottom. If you know how to sew a little, you can fix the situation in a few hours. In this article we will talk about how to sew a skirt on an elastic band quickly and easily.

In order to get started, you needmeasure the waist and hips. Now consider how long your skirt will be. For example, you decided that the appropriate length is 60 cm, add 5 cm to the hem of the bottom and 5 cm to the elastic band. You will get 70 cm - exactly the amount of tissue you need to buy. This will be a skirt on the figure, and if you want a more voluminous, take two lengths of fabric.

There is a small nuance: traditionally the width of the material is 125, 140 and 150 cm. Pay attention to this. If the volume of your hips is 120 cm, you need to buy a cloth 150 cm wide or take two 70 cm cuts.


Now you need to go to the store and choose the right one.material. When you become the owner of the long-awaited cut, you will need an elastic band for the skirt. Choose the width of the belt to your taste, and the length will be 5 cm larger than your waist (small stock).

Start the work by sewing the side seam(or seams if you have two cuts of tissue). Should be a "pipe". Then sweep the bottom along the edge of your future skirt and stitch it on the typewriter. This must be done to ensure that the product looked exceptionally neat.

In working on how to sew a skirt on an elastic band, there is nothing complicated. The elastic band will have to be sewn in four stages.

First step: The top edge of your skirt needs to be processed in a zigzag across the entire width. Then the edge of the fabric should be bent in the middle for a couple of centimeters and ironed or blotted with a thread, which you then remove.

how to sew a skirt on an elastic band
Elasticity for the skirt
The second stage: put a long thread in the needle. The length of it should be greater than the volume of your waist. With small stitches, sweep the entire upper edge of the skirt, leave the ends of the threads loose. The top of the product should now be pulled to the size of your waist. This thread, after the elastic band is sewn, must be removed. Try to remove the fabric so that the folds are evenly distributed over the entire width.

The third stage. Take the elastic band and sew its ends. It will perform the function of your belt and should fit well to the waist, but do not over-tighten it.

The fourth stage will be the final "chord" inhow to sew a skirt on an elastic band, and here it is not necessary to hurry. The elastic band should be swept to the top of the product, gently distributing the collected material. The very rubber band is recommended to be tacked in with a large zigzag, so that at the time of stretching the belt the threads with which it was fitted do not tear.

Your creation is ready! Now you know how to sew a skirt on an elastic band and that it is not difficult at all. Its length can be either mini or maxi. If the material from which you created this piece of clothing is very shining, you will need to make a lower skirt made from a one-color fabric that matches the color of the main product.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the texture and pattern of the material and be always beautiful!

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