We sew without patterns three summer dresses

Many beginning masters will agree thatthe basis of independent sewing is the correct pattern. If there is a puncture here, then the thing will be hard to fix. However, a pattern for a dress is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Many models can be stitched together. So, it's easy and quick to sew three models without models.

Elegant option

we sew without the technical

For the beginning we sew without patterns a dress from jersey. Choose a fabric that does not peel off the edge. It is better to take a light flowing jersey. From the tissue you need to cut two rectangles, the width of which is equal to the volume of the hips, and the length is the length of your dress minus 15 centimeters. For the armhole, we make beveled corners on both sections of the fabric, slightly weal and sew the side seams. The top is bent and weighed in at 2 centimeters, here we will later insert the straps of the dress. The latter are very easily removed from the remains of the fabric. Appearance of this dress entirely depends on the chosen fabric. If this is an ordinary black jersey, then you can work for it, and in a club. Experiment with the fabric, achieving an amazing effect.

And on the beach

beach dress pattern

If you do not have anything to show on the beach, then weyou very quickly make a light dress. We sew without patterns, as usual, this dress will fit any figure and even pregnant women. We take a very long rectangle of fabric: about 2.5 m. In the middle we make an incision for the decollete: centimeters 8. And if you have something to flatter, you can do more. Consider that the pattern of the beach dress is ready. We sew only 1 back seam, these are the edges of the rectangle. The whole upper edge is made out on one kulisuke, which is tied around the neck. A kulisk can be made from a conventional satin ribbon. The same ribbon dress can be tied under the chest, so to speak, to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Extensive pleasure

pattern for a dress

And, finally, we sew without patterns the last variantdresses with elastic bands. This dress can be worn without a strapless, which is especially nice on the seaside, because tan will lie flattened, and you can change into a swimsuit in everyone's mind without taking off your clothes. You can sew such a new thing in just 1 evening, and no patterns will be needed. Take two rectangles of fabric, large enough to make beautiful folds. Sew them on the sides. Treat the edges. You can just bend them one time, if the fabric does not pour too much, and sew. It remains to add stretch to our dress. This can be done in several ways. First, you can take a special elastic thread, fill it in a bobbin and just stitch it, as usual. The upper thread thus remains the same as you have sewn the side seams. Stroke need at least five parallel lines at the top of the dress, retreating one centimeter between them. Then try on, and maybe a few more piles. The second way for those who have no idea where such a thread is sold. Take the usual linens and sew them on the machine, stretching the elastic band while sewing. Since you manually determine the tension of the elastic, try to withstand the golden mean, without overdoing it and not too loosening it. Such lines will need a little less, but this can not be found without fitting. Thus, to update the summer wardrobe can even someone who does not really own a sewing skill. Running into the fabric store and very soon new things will be already on you.

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