Create summer blouses with your own hands

Human hands can do almost anything. Therefore, today things and gifts created by oneself are very much appreciated. In addition, in the process of work you can show your imagination, sew yourself any clothes and just save money. Especially because the thing can be made "by itself", namely: choose the color, material, decoration and other elements yourself. Last summer, summer blouses were very popular with their own hands created. On the streets, literally every third girl fascinated everyone with her skill and art. But this is really convenient. You do not need to run around shopping, with tears in your eyes to give up things that do not come up and just spend a lot of time choosing clothes.

summer blouses with their own hands

Simplicity, accessible to everyone

Summer blouses with their own hands can make eachgirl, we assure you. Even if a person has never sewed anything in his life - this is not a problem. So, let's begin. For work we will need viscose jersey (any color you like) and sewing threads of the same shade. In the beginning of work it is necessary to be defined with a kind of a blouse and to measure the necessary length of a fabric. In addition, you need to find a suitable pattern or make it yourself (if this item gets you into a dead end, and none of the options are suitable, you can use the service of a professional). Depending on the wishes, you can add buttons, belt, insert small zippers, decorate with rhinestones and so on. Summer blouses with their own hands are sewn strictly according to the pattern. Throughout the work, it is necessary to press the stitched seams.

tailoring blouses

We study the pros and cons of handmade

The main advantage of tailoring yourself- individuality and exclusivity of the thing. You can choose absolutely any model you like. If you are a beginner, and sewing summer blouses with your own hands is very difficult for you, then you need to carefully approach the choice of fabric and pattern. Materials, as a rule, choose knitted or oriented on a simple style. However, it is not excluded the option of elastic fabric (it provides a good fit and planting of the product). Ideal pattern can be taken from any magazine by sewing. It is very easy to transfer the pattern on the fabric itself, and then you just have to sew all the details. It is recommended not to start very complex models at once, but start with something easy.

Let's consider all in practice

Sewing blouses with their own hands begins withstitching of shoulder seams and darts. Then you need to process the sides, neck, collar, sleeves and pockets. The final stage should be the treatment of the armhole, the bottom and side seams. It should be noted that the appearance of the product will largely depend on the processing, so everything must be done very carefully.

summer blouse photo

A small afterword

Nowadays, few people make their own clothesyourself. Now it is enough to leave the house, and there is an opportunity to choose everything that the soul desires. But if you do not like the proposed clothes, it's never too late to learn how to do it yourself. After looking at summer blouses (there are photos of them in any fashionable magazine), you can choose the most beautiful for yourself and sew it yourself. As a result, wearing such a thing will be much more pleasant than what was bought in the store.

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