Pattern of slippers with your own hands. How to sew children's slippers with their own hands?

At any time of the year, such shoes asslippers. In the summer the leg in them rests from sandals, and in the winter they do not allow to freeze. We suggest you make your own slippers yourself. The pattern is attached to each master class.

Preparation of patterns

Whichever slippers you sew, to simplify the sewing process, at the first stage you need to make a tempo of the foot.

Patterned Slippers

Operating procedure:

  1. Take the cardboard, marker and scissors.
  2. Put a sheet of cardboard on the floor, and put your foot on top.
  3. Circle the outline of the foot. Do not press the marker close to the foot.
  4. Gently cut the trace along the contour.

The chair is ready. Now you can apply this trace to any fabric and sew slippers. If you need to sew sneakers of a different size, then just reduce or increase the templar.

Slippers from one piece with a closed toe

The pattern of slippers with their own hands from one detail is very simple. To build it, you need to take a marker and a suitable dense fabric (for example, felt or fleece).

slippers with your own hands pattern

Master Class:

  1. Place the template on the selected material and circle it. Draw the elements, as in the illustration above.
  2. Cut the part along the contour.
  3. Fold the part and sew it around the edge.
  4. Carefully remove the slippers.
  5. Similarly, make another slipper.

If desired, you can add a lining. To do this, in a similar way, make a pair of slippers from a thin fabric and sew the two parts together.

Slippers from an old sweater

From an old sweater you can sew slippers with your own hands. Patterns for them are not needed, it is enough only to have a tempo of the foot.

to sew slippers with your own hands

Master class for tailoring:

  1. Take the old sweater and cut off the sleeves.
  2. Fold the sweater and attach a calico to it.
  3. Circle the curve and cut out the soles of future slippers. In total, there are four such details.
  4. Sweep between two parts of the sole. So slippers will be thicker.
  5. Sew one sleeve and one sole. This can be done with thick threads of interesting stitches. So you will have a decorative line. And you can simple stitches, then the sneakers need to be turned out.
  6. Stitch or suture the top of each slipper so that the threads do not crumble.

Slippers of sweaters ready!

Children's slippers

Of course, the child can make the same slippers,as an adult, just a smaller size. But where better to make interesting and unusual children's slippers with their own hands. Patterns based on the baby's legs.

children's slippers with their own hands

Masterclass on creating children's slippers:

  1. Cut out three pairs of soles: two of fleece or felt, and one of the material is softer.
  2. Cut one pair of the top detail of the slippers. It should be a bit wider than the sole, so that the slippers easily fit on the foot.
  3. In addition, cut out two pairs of ears and one pair of spouts.
  4. Cut the letters "P" and "L" so that the child can distinguish the right sneaker from the left.
  5. Sew together all three insole. The soft part should be in the middle.
  6. To each top of the slippers, sew on the center of the spout, on each side of it embroider eyes or glue buttons, make a mouth.
  7. Fold the ears in half and also sew them to the top of the sneakers, a little back from the edge.
  8. Sew together the top piece and the sole.
  9. Sew a single insole with the letter "L", the other - "P".

Baby slippers are ready!

Sneakers-felt boots

Sneakers-boots are a very comfortable and warm home footwear, which is ideal in the cold season.

The pattern of slippers with their own hands (Figure 1) is done as follows:

home slippers

  1. Circle your foot on a sheet of paper or use a pre-prepared temp.
  2. Draw one rectangle. This detail is cuff slipper. Therefore, the size of the rectangle depends on the features of your leg: the length should be enough to make the sneakers easy to put on and do not jump off, and the width - at your discretion.
  3. Draw a detail that resembles a half of the sock. In length, it should be slightly larger than the sole of the sneaker.

When the pattern of slippers, made by hand, ready, you can start sewing shoes.

home slippers

  1. Take a thick fabric (for example, felt) and fold it in half.
  2. Take any piece of fabric (for example, an old sweater) and also fold in two layers.
  3. Attach a pattern to the fabric and circle it with a marker or chalk.
  4. Cut out the details. In total you should get the following number of elements: two soles, two cuffs and four "sock".
  5. Connect with needles-pins one sole and two "sock".
  6. Stitch or staple parts.
  7. Sew the cuffs to the top.
  8. Turn out the finished sneakers.
  9. Similarly, sew the second "felt boots".

Slippers-boots are ready!

Slippers-ballet shoes

home slippers

You will need to take the following materials to make such slippers yourself:

  1. Pattern of the soles (temples of the foot) and the sides.
  2. Soft fabric (for example, a bike or flannel).
  3. Batting or other similar fabric for filling.
  4. Felt or any other fabric for the sole (you can buy a special non-slip fabric in the store for sewing).
  5. Elastic.
  6. Threads, a needle, scissors, a marker.

home slippers
Master class on raising sneakers:

  1. The pattern of slippers (with their own hands made) of this type consists of two parts: the sole and the rim. Print a finished layout on paper or draw your own.
  2. On the pattern of the sole, cut two pieces from the fabric for the insole, the filler and the sole (Figure 1).
  3. Cut two pieces for the top of the slipper. To do this, fold the fabric in half with the front side inwards. Attach the pattern to the fold line and stroke the outline. There are two such details (figure 1).
  4. Gently fold the two layers of the sole and attach the top piece to them with pin pins, as in illustration 2.
  5. Tear the details.
  6. Similarly, make a lining for a soft cloth sneaker (Figure 3).
  7. Stitch together the two parts. The seam should go in two rows (Figure 4). This is necessary so that you can then insert the rubber band. Therefore leave a small hole behind.
  8. Turn out the sneakers and insert the rubber band.
  9. Sew a hole.

home slippers

Homemade slippers are ready! You can decorate your socks with decorative pompons, roses or beads.

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