How to wear sweaters with open shoulders

This season, many eminent designerspresented in their collections sweaters with open shoulders. It looks very nice and romantic. It is worth noting that in order to create a similar image, the product must necessarily be made of light, flowing fabric. Most often used chiffon, thin silk. As a trim jacket with open shoulders used a variety of shuttlecocks, assemblies, ruffles and lace.

Sweatshirts with open shoulders

Of course, such clothes can not be attributed to one of themaking up your classic wardrobe. But you do not live only with work. Sweatshirts with open shoulders are perfect for a casual style, and also will look great in combination with clothing kezhual. It is characterized by the presence of original parts that do not always coincide with the main image. This style can allow almost everything that is convenient for you. After all, things are important in themselves, and their combinations can be rather unordinary. It is in such combinations that sweaters with open shoulders look most harmoniously.

Strict rules, on which it is necessary to combinethings of a free cut with other elements of the wardrobe, does not exist. Such a sweater you can wear along with a skirt, trousers, jeans. If the model you choose is too frank, then open areas of your body can be hidden from outside eyes with the help of a scarf, costume jewelry or a tie. Often, such items are worn over a narrow dress or sarafan. Only it is necessary to strictly control that these things fit each other in size and color. From this kind of experiment you can get a very unusual and very interesting composition. Over the blouse of a free cut, you can safely put on a jacket or shirt. In this case, it is important to evaluate the resulting combination, because, despite all the eccentricity of such a set, its elements should complement each other, rather than resonate with each other.

T-shirt with an open shoulder

Separately, I would like to say about the jacket with openshoulders in a romantic style. Gone are the days when such a thing was combined only with leggy short skirts and thin breeches. Today you can safely put on a kit consisting of an air blouse and denim shorts. And an excellent completion of the image will serve as sneakers or sneakers.

Also interesting is a T-shirt with an openshoulder. It, depending on the style in which it is performed, can also be worn with different clothes. If such a product is made of a very bright material, it will become indispensable in the wardrobe of a young girl. Calm tone perfectly combined with different styles, including with business. By the way, you can easily make such a thing with your own hands, starting work from both scratch and using old T-shirts. Want to make your habitual T-shirt open shoulders - a pattern from the magazine you will always come to the rescue.

Open Shoulders Pattern

And one more tip, which is definitely worth itnote. If you have chosen a T-shirt or a jacket with an open shoulder, do not forget to purchase a suitable and multifunctional underwear in advance. You do not allow a washed-up shoulder strap, accidentally peeking out from under your clothes, to spoil the image you so carefully thought out?

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