How to make a notebook from a paper: an instruction to create a creative accessory

Paper and cardboard are universal materials fora variety of crafts. It is not necessary to master the technique of origami perfectly. Some original and fun things can make even a child. Do not you know how to make a laptop out of paper?

Determine the size and purpose of the craft

How to Make a Laptop Paper
Why make a paper model of a computer model? There can be many options - it's a simple toy for a child, an accessory for his doll, a postcard for an adult high-tech lover or a comic gift. Only the size changes, and the basic step-by-step instruction, how to make a notebook out of paper, is the same for all crafts.

It is not difficult to guess that for the doll and for theThe child needs computers of different sizes. If you make a postcard as a gift, choose an arbitrary perimeter of the workpiece. An interesting idea is to make a laptop model and present it in a box from a real PC. Just remember that to do such a present is exclusively for a person with a good sense of humor. If there are doubts about the recipient's response, discard this idea.

How to make a laptop paper with their own hands?

A notebook of paper with your own hands
You will need two sheets of paper or paperboardof equal size. We connect the base and the cover with tape or thread. We have a blank. Now is the time to do it. The keyboard can be drawn or glued from individual paper "buttons". Similarly we make a display. Draw it on the inside of the lid or glue it. A notebook from a paper can show a search engine page, a desktop or a favorite site of a gift recipient. You can make the screen replaceable. To do this, glue the narrow strips - its border. The top piece of paper or cardboard should be fixed only at the edges, leave a hole through which you can insert new images.

Ideas for the design of a paper laptop

Laptop of paper
As a basis for this craft, you canUse an empty box of chocolates with a rising lid. Another interesting idea is to make a three-dimensional notebook from paper with your own hands. To do this, for side rails you need rectangles of the same material as the base. Each rectangle bend twice, glue to the base. In the place where the lid is bent, it is also necessary to leave a free strip of paper to smoothly close the product. This design allows you to create three-dimensional buttons. Use paper cubes that you can easily fold yourself. Also you can take spare parts from the old real keyboard. Do not forget to decorate the lid from the outside with the manufacturer's "label".

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