Knit crochet vests - beautiful clothes in short time

Knitted waistcoats, already that season, areirreplaceable objects in the wardrobe of fashionable women. Particularly proud are things created by their own hands. Knitting lace vests can be done with a hook or with the help of knitting needles. And the work on replenishing the wardrobe with knitted products does not require much effort and time.

Crochet crochet will take severalfree evenings, and if there is a decent experience of this work, the term of the product can be reduced. The thread consumption depends, first of all, on the thickness of the yarn and on the chosen model. When working on a non-volatile waistcoat, not longer than the waistline, it will take about 350 grams of medium-thickness yarn.

A pattern and a scheme for a vest can be designed independently, taking into account personal sizes, or use the ready-made ones that are presented on the site.
The pattern for the product is chosen at will. Today one of the most fashionable designs is knitted fur, however, you can use the pattern and feel better.
When knitting crochets is made,the following rule must be observed. If you use an unusual shaped yarn, then you should knit a facial smooth or a handkerchief. If the product is based on braids or a complex openwork pattern, then you need to use threads with a simpler appearance and composition. The length of the apparel is determined independently, and depends on the chosen style and personal preferences.

Crochet crochet knitting allows you to getunique, original things. To make the product more refined, use unusual techniques: side seams replace with hinges and buttons, the waistcoat is complemented by original patch pockets, hood or collar of natural fur. The main thing - do not be too smart or too heavy.

If for the performance of the sleeveless sleeves with the help of spokesyou will need special skills, and such work is possible even for beginner needlewomen, then knitting crochets requires a good experience. Using knitting needles, the work can be simplified by choosing a pattern that is easier and placing an emphasis on unusual material. With the help of the hook, the main emphasis is on drawing out the pattern. The production of such waistcoats is characterized by delicate work, complex arachnoid and lace patterns.

At the same time, crochet crochet knitting is made from ordinary fine yarn - the thinner the thread, the more attractive and elegant the product acquires.
Work can be done by tying patterns that follow in a straight line one after the other, and also by connecting separately connected laced elements.
Very original look vestswomen, knitting which is made from delicate details of different colors, as well as products made using fancy yarn and beads, lurex, sequins and other additions. Fine engraving of the pattern can be combined with satin ribbons and narrow fur strips.

The trends of the season are fur vests, not onlysewn, but also crocheted. To get an unusual original model, you need a natural fur that needs to be cut into narrow strips up to 10 mm wide, ordinary yarn and a hook.

The first stage of the work consists of the etching of the patternmesh, this is done by alternating two air loops and one cap. Best for knitting is suitable openwork patterns, consisting of repeated small drawings.
Then, using the hook in the grid cellsstretch fur strips. They can be passed both vertically, diagonally, and horizontally. The waistcoat, decorated with the interweaving of fur bands not for the whole product, but in a certain sequence - with intricate patterns, alternating vertical or horizontal strips, will look original.

The result should be a unique fashionable vest.

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