Pattern of female shorts: do it yourself

Topical clothes in the heat for most girlsand women are tight-fitting shorts. In summer they are so comfortable to wear, especially if they are short and cute. Why not sew them yourself, because there will be no analogues to your work. But, alas, only some know how to sew shorts at home. If you are not one of them, do not worry, we will be happy to tell you how to do it right. A help in this pattern of women's shorts.


pattern of women's shorts

The basis of the pattern can be any createdbefore model pants. It is only necessary to take into account the fact that the pattern of women's shorts will depend entirely on what type of waistline you need. But in this situation, the options are not so much - understated or standard. The classic line has a short overstretched waistline. In fashion, as you know, a lower landing. It is worth remembering that, if desired, the design of women's shorts in the waistline area may be omitted. It is not difficult to do this: we have to put four or five centimeters down from the waist on the pattern. The very length of the shorts is defined as follows: it is necessary to put six or seven centimeters from the step line. After this, you need to separate the belt of women's shorts. But before you proceed directly to the cutting, be sure to make an increase on the front part in order to then there was a clasp with a gap. The width of the increase will be equal to three centimeters, and the length - 15 cm.


As a result of the work, the details of the cut will be obtained. These are two front halves and two rear halves. The belt of the front and back halves will consist of four parts. The resulting pattern of female shorts is quite easy to sew, because the presence of pockets and other decorative elements and jewelry in this option is not provided.

shorts shorts for women


The model you cut is very easy to sew because of the absence of pockets. So, the pattern of female shorts is sewn as follows:

  1. It is necessary to make a marking and stitch side seams, allowances. Treat them and iron.
  2. It is necessary to mark the step joints and allowances. Also treat them and iron.
  3. It is necessary to make a mark, after which you will need to stitch the middle back seam to the mark of prying the zipper.
  4. We stick the zipper "in the frame" in front of the women's shorts.
  5. External parts of the belt should be strengthened by winding. It should be pritat to the shorts of the outer belt.
  6. Then we sharpen the inner details of the belt along the lateral seams, folding them face to face with the outer side of the belt (stitch along the sides and on top).
  7. Unscrew the belt to the front. Now tuck open the edge. Stitch the belt around on all sides.
  8. Sew a hook.
  9. Roll the shorts down three to four centimeters. Stitch it.


shorts shorts women's shorts
This is an overview of howpattern shorts for women's short, can be considered complete. Too long period of time the creation of this element of clothing you will not take. Particularly quickly the business will go after good practice, which you will necessarily have if you have the proper desire. Good luck in creating wonderful short summer style shorts, in which you will look amazing!

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