Doing your own ugg boots with your own hands: pattern and sequence of actions

In the 20th century, the ugi confidently moved into the trend of modern fashion.

Warm and comfortable, not always attractive, but practical and comfortable, they are fond of many women, men, as well as children of all ages.

These boots came to us from Australia and were originally made from natural sheepskin. They were worn by shepherds. This kind of shoes keeps the heat and rides perfectly.

Since then, the Ugs have undergone many changes, andfor today it is possible to meet an infinite number of models, so to speak, for every taste and color, and they can safely supplement almost any outfit.

Also, many women of fashion can sew them at home, make a pattern, create their own ugg boots.

Female and male ugg boots

At first glance it may seem that the ugg boots are somehow ridiculous and unpretentious in appearance.

Their advantage is not in this. Heat and comfort - that's what they are not inferior to anything. And all the rest is not so important.

The most famous brand of the original UGG - UGG, the price of the products of this brand is not small. These are boots made of natural suede from the outside and with fur inside.

But on sale it is possible to meet also rather cheap analogues from the most various materials, at all is not worse by quality and design.

ugg boots with your own hands

They are represented by a large number of different colorsand with original inserts from fur, suede, leather. With the addition of decorative elements: buttons, rhinestones, stones, embroidery. You can meet the model with a zipper ..

The length can also be different. The shortest - just above the ankles. Can reach the knees or the middle of the calf.

As an option, you can instantly transform the model in one movement - to tuck some of the top - and you have very different boots.

Men also liked this shoe, as a rule, male ugg boots are much shorter.

How to sew the ugg boots with your own hands? Patterns can be found or created independently for yourself and for your beloved.

Uggs and style

These boots love a free style. Perfectly combined with jeans as a free cut, and narrower to the bottom.

Negligence of the boots will allow to emphasize the harmony of the legs with tights or leggings in the color of the ugly.

how to sew the ugg boots with your own hands

Outer clothing should not be long -all kinds of jackets, parks or sheepskin coats above the knee or to the middle of the thigh will be an excellent option. In the warm autumn, these shoes can be combined with wide not very long tunics with a belt at the waist.

Men are encouraged to choose down jackets or coats in tone. Jeans, corduroy trousers and plaid shirts, warm cardigans or cardigans will emphasize the image of a stylish and modern man.

Do not neglect and accessories: single-color sets of a hat, scarf and gloves will well complement the outfit.

Uggs can be trimmed with fur or flirtybalabolkami that young girls and children love. You can construct a pattern yourself and make children's ugg boots with your own hands in just a couple of hours.

Uggs and health

But the comfort of this shoe can turn andside effect. Since the ugg boots do not have a fixed solid backdrop, the presence of a solid sole (without anatomical and orthopedic reliefs) can cause irregular foot formation, flatfoot development, especially in childhood and adolescence.

If you wear such shoes all the time, ugg boots have a tendency to wear out. They become quite free, which can lead to a violation of the gait.

how to sew children's ugg boots with your own hands

It is not recommended to wear shoes without a heel more than 2 hours a day. In preventive measures you can place an orthopedic footbed.

Household and household goods

Well got accustomed uggs and houses. These slippers are loved by both children and adults. Cozy, warm and very very soft - what else does the leg need to relax at home?

You can meet quite a lot of patterns. How to sew children's ugg boots with their own hands, after all children with pleasure run at home in these pretty boots? Especially for owners of cold floors it is always relevant.

Many mothers are interested in how to sew children's ugg boots with their own hands. Pattern is not very difficult, as it may seem at first glance. Below you can see an example.

How to sew household ugg boots with your own hands? The pattern is constructed in the same way as for any other model.

To begin to build a pattern of shoes, you first need to pick up the necessary materials for work.

Choose the right material

You will need: a material for the top and material for the sole.

These are universal boots, and almost any fabric is suitable for tailoring: drape, felt, artificial suede or leather. You can use an old or unnecessary jacket, coat or sheepskin coat.

children's ugg boots with their own hands

You can find different patterns. How to sew the ugg boots with your own hands from an old sweater? Too easy enough! Any scheme will help.

The basis for the sole can be leather, oilcloth or any other very dense fabric.

How to sew

To sew the ugg boots with your own hands, the pattern mustbe prepared in advance. The sewing itself does not require much effort from you. If you do not have professional skills in sewing, then a little patience and persevering desire will certainly lead to the result.

Simplicity of sewing is also determined by the fact that you have the right to adjust the height of the bootleg, lifting and other parts. It will be your individual model.

Patterns can also be different. Consider a model without a swarf. It is the simplest and does not take much time to manufacture.

We begin to sew the ugg boots with our own hands, we will build a pattern on thick paper.

It is necessary to traverse the foot. Give it a rounded outline.

At the front of the toe, make marks for the height of the lift.

Wrap the paper around the heel, mark the desired height and length at the sides. And then smoothly connect all the marks.

Measure the desired width and height of the bootleg along the calf. Construct a rectangle.

home ugg boots with your own hands

Four details were obtained: two soles (one - the outer part of the sole, the other - the lining of the sole), the front part with a fold, the bootleg with the fold.

That's when all the details are ready, cut them out and transfer them to the fabric. Cut out two pieces. And sew on the scheme of the outer seam.

Considering the density of the used tissues, you,most likely, the machine assembly will not work, of course, if you are not the owner of the furrier's machine. Otherwise, sewing seams outward is most convenient on the hands. Threads can be selected in the color of the material, but you can play in contrast.

First we sew the upper parts of the shaft, then all the rest.

Bows, flowers, buttons will help add uniqueness to your ugg boots.

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