How to make slippers from a wool with your own hands

Animal wool was one of the first materials our ancestors learned to use to create clothes and bedding that replaced them with modern mattresses.

Especially the art of felting, or, as it is calledin the scientific way, the filtering was developed among the nomads. They resorted to this craft in the manufacture of their homes - yurt - and warm shoes. It is in the nomadic tribes that our ancestors learned to play valenki, which was a real salvation in the winter cold.

Today such ethno-shoes, as well as other products made of natural wool, are in great fashion, including because of their ecological compatibility.

Of course, it is naive to hope that you can immediatelyto learn how to make felt carpets or elegant felt boots, more like boots. But what prevents you from making slippers from natural wool? Embellished with initials or a funny inscription, they will become an original and exclusive gift to a beloved man, father or grandfather who will wear them with pleasure and gratitude.

felting of wool slippers for beginners

What will be required for felting slippers?

To make such products it is enough to have at hand a very simple set of tools, such as scissors and a pencil, as well as:

  • water;
  • soap;
  • A film with pimples, similar to that used for packaging household appliances;
  • an oilcloth;
  • paper.

Slippers of wool: a master class

On the sheet of paper you need to draw the contours of the feetthe person for whom the footwear is intended. To facilitate the task, you can simply circle his old home shoes with a pencil. Then proceed as follows:

  • Draw a dotted line around each part with an allowance of 1 cm for shrinkage;
  • transfer sketches to an oilcloth and cut out;
  • gently wrap the resulting details with the hair for felting in several layers so that they are not visible (try to keep the wool from tearing off the skein);
  • blanks are put on film with bubbles;
  • prepare a fairly saturated soap solution and pour it into the nebulizer;
  • thoroughly moisten the blanks and cover with a free edge of the film with bubbles.

 slippers made of natural wool

Felting time, during which future slippersfrom the wool you need to periodically vigorously knead your hands, should be about two hours. After that, the film can be removed. Next, you should roll them with your hands until the felt does not move away from the patterns from the oilcloth inside the workpiece.

The process of shaping home shoes

When the parts are already well welded, you can start making slippers from wool.

To do this, cut out the holes for the foot (sizeshould be slightly smaller than necessary, as it usually increases during the formation of the product). Next, remove the oilcloth from both slippers and begin to give them the desired shape, constantly wetting your hands in soapy water.

This is a rather laborious process, whichthe average can take about an hour. After this period, the slippers from the wool should be washed under running water, wring out, cut off excess parts with scissors and put dry on the heating battery.

Edging: what is required for work

Felting of wool slippers (for beginnersit is desirable to pick up unpretentious models) it is possible to finish after the footwear is thoroughly washed and dried. However, if you want to make homemade slippers that will last long enough, they should be turned over.

To do this, you need:

  • brush-mat;
  • filtering needles (No. 38);
  • Wool for edging (under the color of sneakers or contrasting tones).

household slippers made of wool

How to bend

To make the products last longer, their edges need treatment. It is called edging, and in order to produce it, you need:

  • tear off a piece of wool and stretch it a little;
  • nail a needle from the outside of the sneaker along the edge of the cutout;
  • to lift a strip of wool;
  • to lead her over the edge and inside the sneaker, nailing and leveling the needle from all sides;
  • to also process the second sneaker;
  • steam off both slippers with an iron, using a cloth.

The last operation should not be performed if it is intended to decorate the items with embroidery, since the needle does not penetrate poorly through the wool subjected to heat treatment.

Next, you need to sew soles with heels, which will make the sneakers more comfortable to wear.


To slippers home made of wool turned out notonly warm and comfortable, but also beautiful, they can be decorated. There are many ways for this. For example, on the front side of the top you can embroider the name of the one for whom the home shoes were made. Another option is to make an applique. To do this, you can sew or paste pieces of tissue, cut in the form of flowers or leaves, or make parts from the hair of a different color by felting. Particularly beautiful will look bulk jewelry.

As for warm children's slippers, whichcan also be made by felting wool, then it is best to paste the figures of animals and cartoon heroes, cut from the fabric, and sew them along the edge with colored threads.

Home shoes made of wool: what will be needed

When you master the art of felting, you cantake on the creation of more serious products. For example, try making slippers from camel wool or sharp-nosed shoes in the ethno-style. In the latter case, the items will have to be decorated with embroidery, and sew on the upper part of the cuffs, connected from thick yarn of the same shade or color of the future decor.

slippers made of wool

In addition to unkempt wool, you will also need:

  • laminate of medium thickness or other similar material for making a template;
  • water;
  • bamboo mat;
  • laundry soap;
  • grid;
  • needle and knitting needles;
  • yarn;
  • leather.

How to make shoes with wool with curled socks

The work on such a rather complex product begins with the manufacture of a template. For this:

  • tracing a leg;
  • measure length;
  • multiply by 0.5 (the resulting figure gives an increase, which should be taken into account when cutting out the template);
  • also calculate the increase for the width;
  • cut out a template that resembles a valenochny form, but without a shaft, with a high heel and a curved nose.

Now proceed to the layout. 200 g of wool is used. Lay out it on two layers: one - along, and the second - across.

slippers from camel wool


  • cover the pattern, hidden on both sides of hair, mesh top, then poured warm water;
  • press it with your hands, soap and rub your fingers;
  • After 10-15 minutes, the mesh is removed and the treatment is continued;
  • Turn over the workpiece and begin to iron your hands now on the other side;
  • Extend the excess along the contour and make sure that they are thinned;
  • wrap them on the workpiece and again rub, paying special attention to the spout, so that it does not form holes;
  • lay another 2 layers of wool on each side and repeat all operations;
  • Cut both slippers from the heel to the side of the sock and remove the template;
  • rub the product on the outside and inside with your hands;
  • make out a sock and a heel, giving a sneaker the necessary form;
  • I start to roll the product, roll it up in different positions.

slippers of wool master class

The latter procedure requires special attention andpatience, because it depends on the quality of slippers. It is recommended to roll at first in all directions 50 times, pressing not too strongly, and then - 100 times more intensively. At the same time, you should periodically wet the slippers from the wool with hot water and sap.

At the end of the process of creating home shoes they are put on pads. If there are no ready ones, it is possible to make such an adaptation of a sintepon, which is wound with an adhesive tape, giving the desired shape.

Cut the edges of the sneakers and rub it where necessary.Then the products are rinsed in a washing machine and squeezed (no more than 400 revolutions). After that, the shoes are again put on the shoes and dried. When they dry, sew a leather sole.

On 5 spokes, an elastic band is knitted in 40-46 rows. Fold it in half along the length and sew to the sneakers. Embroider on the surface of products, including folded socks, ornaments with threads of contrasting color.

If the shape does not like the sneaker, then you can make shoes more familiar silhouette.

how to paddle slippers from a wool master class

Now you know how to pile slippers out of wool (the master class is presented above), and you will be able to please expensive men or children with a useful gift.

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