Some secrets how to sew a skirt in the floor on an elastic band

For several seasons in succession, the maxi-skirt remainspopular in a circle of women of fashion. Strangely enough, but the skirt in the floor is suitable for everyone: low and tall, skinny and not very important, it is important to only choose the right cut to achieve the perfect fit for the figure. Given the ease of tailoring this thing to the women's wardrobe and the abundance of choice of fabrics of various textures and colors, it's easy to guess why more girls are trying to master the basics of cutting and sewing. After all, sewing a long skirt with your own hands, it turns out, is not so difficult, although there are some secrets. That's it about them and want to know, in order to exclude all possible misses cut.

to sew a long skirt with your own hands

How to sew a skirt in a floor on an elastic band and what for this purposenecessary? First, you will need a fabric, a thread, an elastic band and a sewing machine. Secondly, the desire. It would seem that it can be simpler, just take a piece of fabric, make one seam, sew a rubber band on top. This option is very simple, it does not require neither time nor skills. But as always there is a "but" - this skirt is suitable only for thin, but if you are the owner of magnificent forms, then you will not be able to achieve a beautiful planting with such a cut. So the question arises: "How to sew a skirt in the floor on an elastic band or with an original belt, so that it looks harmonious on a plump or figure girl?" To answer this question, let us consider a couple of variations of the cut of long skirts, which are sewed quite easily and fall flat on any figure.

how to sew a skirt in the floor on an elastic band

Option 1 - skirt-sun

Someone may object by saying that the sun skirtwill not look at the full lady, and therefore do not take risks and spend a lot of money on two lengths of fabric. But if you sew a skirt-sun on an elastic band from the finest chiffon with the same thin but not luminous lining, and the length of the lining to make a mini, probably, many will have this option to taste. For this skirt, two semi-circles of thin chiffon and two semicircles of soft lining are cut out. In the middle of the semicircles along the volume of the planting line, the skirts form a cutout of the top of the skirt. Determining this cut, in several places check the length from the bottom to the top of the skirt, this length should be the same everywhere. Next, turn after side seams of the upper skirt and lining. After both the details are folded with the wrong side to each other and a strap with a rubber band is sewn along the neckline.

Plank with rubber band is made as follows:

  • measure the volume of the thighs, add 4 cm to the free fit;
  • cut out a rectangle made of cloth measuring + 4 cm in length and 8 cm in width;
  • this strip of fabric is folded along in half (inside the inside) and the line is laid 3 cm from the fold;
  • by the volume of the planting line, the skirt is cut off by the elastic band and inserted into the workpiece (so that the elastic band does not twist in the process of wearing it, it must be sewn along the strip, stretching the elastic band according to the size of the fabric);
  • The sections of the strip are sewn and processed.

to sew a skirt on the elastic band

Option 2 - straight skirt in the floor

On how to sew a skirt in the floor on an eraser straightcut, already mentioned above. But if you are not the owner of a lean figure, it is better to cut out two details of the skirt, with slightly slanting slices upwards, in other words, in the form of a trapezoid, with only a slight inclination. This is done in order to remove excess wrinkles around the gum. Further, the sewing process is the same as in the first version: the seams and the bar.

Having dealt with some nuances, how to sew a skirt in the floor on an elastic band, you can easily get down to work and be sure that at the end of all the work will be an excellent reward in the form of a fashionable new thing.

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