Develop a child: from toilet paper crafts

Today, you can make beauty from anything, borders just do not exist, only fantasy is needed. So, toilet paper can become an excellent assistant. But what of it can you create?

from toilet paper crafts

About the pros

Toilet paper should not be afraid if there isthe desire to do something with their own hands. After all, it has a lot of advantages. Toilet paper is soft, it easily tears, from it without problems you can roll a ball or a regular tube. In addition, it is also quite cheap. And still quite easily and reliably painted with ordinary children's paints. So why not pomasterit from such a subspecies of paper?

For the youngest

It is worth noting that from toilet paper crafts inFirst of all, good if the mother wants to work with a small child. Even a year and a half kid can cope with it! So, from the toilet paper you can make a New Year tree. It will take a base of more dense material, say, of thick paper or cardboard, to make it better in the form of a cone. Toilet paper should be taken by strips approximately 5 cm long and 3-4 cm wide. Strips of paper need to be bent in half - they will be fir branches. Now with the usual PVA glue they need to be glued to the base, a strip behind the strip. Everything, the Christmas tree is ready! It remains only to paint it gouache in green. What else can you make from toilet paper crafts? Why not put a snowman under the Christmas tree? To do this, you will need to roll three balls of paper and put them on each other. That's the whole job! It is worth noting that these kinds of exercises with the baby perfectly develop the motor skills of the child's hands.

hand-made articles from rolls of toilet paper


From toilet paper crafts can be done by creatingcheerful caterpillar. To do this, you need to roll balls of toilet paper into globules of the same size and glue them one by one onto the paper. The first lump is the head of the caterpillar, you can draw eyes on it and attach horns from the same toilet paper, only twisted into a thin tube. The rest can be painted in different colors. The caterpillar is ready! By the same principle, you can create many different 3D pictures.

Stand for pens

There are also crafts from toilet rollspaper. It will be very easy to make a stand for pens and pencils. Roll will serve as a basis, which will also need to decorate. You can do this in various ways. You can use the same toilet paper, pasting the stand with small balls. You can also wrap the roll with toilet paper so that you can bend the edges of the paper - it will be such a herringbone-stand. You can roll a paper from under the paper with a cloth, it will also look good.

crafts from toilet paper


Zverushki - excellent from the toilet paper crafts. It will need not only paper, but also a roll - the remainder of toilet paper. It is he who will serve as the basis, the torso of the animal. Well it will be painted with ordinary colors. Now from the paper you need to make eyes, ears and noses, mouths for animals, color them and paste. Handicrafts are ready!


More articles from toilet paper: why not make an ordinary garland? Here you will need to roll toilet paper into balls, paint them, stretch thread through them and everything - the garland is ready. By the same principle, you can make a garland and rolls from toilet paper: rolls will need to be cut into small circles that are stained and suspended on strings.

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