Analysis of the investment activity of the enterprise as a pledge of the investment process

Investment activity of any enterpriseconsists in a purposeful process of finding the necessary investment resources for him, identifying effective instruments or investment objects, forming an investment program balanced in certain parameters, and ensuring its implementation.

A huge help in resolving the investmentactivity is provided by such a process as an analysis of the investment activity of the enterprise. With the help of such a tool as the analysis of investment efficiency, tactics and investment strategy are developed at the enterprise, the management plans and decisions are justified, decisions and plans are monitored, and potential reserves of investment efficiency are identified, and the results of financial and real investment projects both in general for the enterprise, and separately by types of activities.

Analysis of the investment activity of the enterpriseone of the most important components of investment management, which in fact, is a mechanism for managing investment activities. The very concept of investment management is a fairly new sphere and field of economic knowledge, not only in our country, but also in many countries abroad. As a hotel concept, this term was formed in the middle of the last century. It is the analysis of the investment activity of the enterprise that has brought Nobel Prizes to some outstanding scientists from the field of investment management.

For our country, the analysis system is inthe stage of development and formation. This is largely due to the imperfect regulatory and legal framework of the state, as well as the lack of qualified specialists in this field. However, the most active and most important factor that does not allow to introduce an analysis of the company's investment activity on a large scale is the absence of an actively waving securities market, as well as a significant mistrust of investors from it.

Analysis of the effectiveness of investment plays a special rolerole in the management of investment activities in the enterprise. In order to manage the investment process qualitatively and efficiently, it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​the progress of the business plan, the results of economic activity, as well as the trends of ongoing changes in the economy of the enterprise and in the stock markets and their nature. And it is the understanding of these processes and their comprehension that is achieved through analysis. At the same time, the information received is subjected to special initial processing, during which the results are compared in the field of investment, and data for past similar time intervals, and additional comparison is made of similar indicators in other enterprises and firms. Also, in the analysis, the influence of various factors is determined on the value of the performance indicators, possible errors and shortcomings are identified, opportunities that have not been used and realized, further prospects, and much more are identified.

Such indicator as volume analysisinvestment activity, which is one of the most important components in the overall analysis of investment activities, which allows to develop and develop the necessary solutions in the field of management. That is why this kind of analysis is the previous stage in the adoption of decisions and actions on them from the leaders of the enterprise. It is analysis that is the scientific basis of investment processes, which ensures efficiency and objectivity. As a function, the analysis of investment efficiency is in close interaction with accounting, general planning and forecasts of the economic activity of the enterprise.

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