How do I turn off SMS alerting of Sberbank? How to disconnect the "Mobile Bank" service package

So, now we will talk with you about howdisable SMS notification. Sberbank offers you how to enable and disable the "Mobile Bank", which sends you messages about the costs, balance and other services associated with the card. In fact, you can refuse from it in several ways. Now we will know with you what it is.

how to disable sms alert sberbank

Personal visit

Well, if you are thinking how to disconnectSMS-notification, Sberbank will help you in this difficult occupation. It is a question of personal visit to the nearest branch of the bank with the subsequent drawing up and writing of the application on refusal.

Here you will need your ownmobile, plastic card (preferably), as well as a passport. Then go to Sberbank, take turns where banking card service is going on, and then wait for you to be called.

Inform the employee that you want to removeSMS-notification to the phone, that is, to refuse the "Mobile Bank". You will be given a special statement in which you give an agreement on the operation. After you sign it, wait a while. Typically, the waiting time varies from a few hours to 2-3 days. After processing the request, you will be notified by mobile phone about the rejection of the services of "Mobile Bank".

From mobile

How to disable SMS notification? Does Sberbank offer us a choice? Is it really necessary to stand in line to write a statement to refuse these services? Of course not.

Sberbank card sms alert

You can use your ownmobile phone to cope with the task. To do this, you will have to create a special message, which is sent to number 900. It should contain the following text: "Blocking services". However, two words are written together necessarily. Send the generated message to short number 900, and then look at the result.

After a while, you will receive an alertprocessing operation. As a result, "Mobile Bank" will be disabled. As you can see, nothing complicated. However, there are several options for the operation. There you will need a Sberbank card. We will try to remove the SMS notification using the ATM.


And here is another rather interesting approach. If you think how to turn off SMS alert, Sberbank allows you to use an ATM for this purpose. If you have not worked with this "machine" before, it is better to contact the nearest branch of the bank. Workers who stand at the terminals will be able to help you there.

Go to the ATM and insert ita bank card. Now the system will ask you to enter the PIN code. Dial it, and then confirm your actions. You will be taken to the main menu. There you need to select "Mobile Bank", and then - "Disconnect". That's all the problems. On the mobile phone after a while, an alert will come that will inform you of the successful operation. Nevertheless, there is another interesting method. For example, you can use the connection with the Sberbank contact center.

sms notification to phone

We call

Well, here we go with you to the mostan interesting moment. The thing is that if you think how to turn off SMS notification, Sberbank can advise you to contact the bank's contact center. It is best to visit the nearest office, and then use a special phone.

Pick up the handset and click on "Contact withcontact center. "Listen to what the robot tells you.You will need to select the button that is responsible for the questions on the cards of individuals.Then, in the menu, you will have to click on" Contact with the operator. "He will tell you that they would like to refuse the services of" Mobile bank. "He will ask you for the card number, as well as the secret word, and then say the mobile phone number that you would like to disconnect from the service, and eventually you will be asked for it, after which you can wait for a notification on your mobile phone about the successful operation. all.

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