Homemade honey cake: a recipe. Honey cakes: how to cook?

Want to please your loved ones with amazingbaking? Then we suggest you bake a homemade honey cake. The recipe for dessert is simple in execution, you only need to stock up on food, several hours of free time and a good mood. By the way, it is not a shame to offer such a batch to guests. It's no wonder that such a popular dessert has many variations in performance. We will consider the most popular of them.

Homemade honey cake recipe

Medovik with sour cream

Such a cake will become the favorite of the whole family, andwill take as a rule to cook it for holidays, for example on birthdays. All guests will dream of an additive, and for the hostess there is no better praise than empty plates and inquiring glances. So, we will prepare a homemade honey cake. The recipe was used by our grandmothers. And for the preparation of the cakes we need the following ingredients:

  • wheat flour of superior quality - 2 cups;
  • sand sugar - 1 glass;
  • egg chicken freshly selected - 2 pieces;
  • honey - 4 tablespoons;
  • butter - 50 g;
  • soda, slaked with vinegar, - 0.5 teaspoon.

We use a cream of two kinds

The impregnation of the cakes will require 2 types of cream: sour cream and with condensed milk. Homemade honey cake, the recipe of which is presented here, consists of layers, and the cream on the interlayer alternates. For the preparation of sour cream we take:

  • sour cream of 20% fat content - 500 g;
  • sand sugar - 1 glass.

Sour cream for this cream should be taken still fatter, in contrast to the one that is put in baking. Also we need to cook another kind of cream. For this we take:

  • Condensed milk (cooked according to GOST) - 1 jar;
  • butter of the highest grade - 1 packet (200 g).

Again we will not save on the ingredients, becausecheaper analogues of condensed milk and butter have a characteristic flavor and liquid consistency. And we want, that on an exit the excellent cake "Medovik" has turned out. The recipe for honey cake at home recommends the use of only natural and quality ingredients.

Honey cakes how to cook a honey cake

Some recommendations

In view of the fact that our gentle dough for cakesshould be prepared in a water bath, take two different sized pots. We also need to stock up a lid with the size of the future cake. A bar of butter should already be softened. Some mistresses take for a rule from the night to get margarine or butter for baking.

Now a few words about chicken eggs that will goon a homemade honey cake. The recipe indicates that you take 2 eggs (SD) for the test. If you are not used to buying a choice egg, then take 3 pieces of C1 or, respectively, 4 pieces of C2.

Is it possible to soak the cakes for a few days before serving?

It happens that guests want to please, and timeon the eve is not enough. Here, and bake their mistresses branded cakes of the day for two, three before the celebration. After standing for several days in the fridge, the honey cake, which is completely soaked in cream, the recipe of which you are now reading, loses its flavor. Tip: if you do not have enough time on the eve, bake only the cakes and put them in the refrigerator. You'll make the cream for another day and soak the cakes for a few hours before serving. Guests will be delighted!

Cake medovik recipe for honey cake at home

Dough preparation technology

Take a small saucepan in which we planbrew the dough, and we'll take the chicken eggs in it in a thick thick foam. Then add the soft oil, soda and honey. Components are mixed and for 20 minutes we send to languish in a water bath.

How to properly prepare a water bath?

Even before we start to beat eggs,we will insert both saucepans into each other. We will pour water between them in such a way that it does not reach the edge. Otherwise, water will boil over the honey mass during boiling. Next, we remove the top container and we start to beat the eggs in it. And the bottom, the one that is with water, put on the fire and bring to a boil. Homemade honey cake (it's easy to learn a culinary recipe) is baked from a brewed dough. To do this, the resulting mass of eggs and honey put on a water bath and for 20 minutes continuously stir. During this time you will see how with the honey mass transformations begin to occur. The heated composition significantly increases in volume, the color becomes darkish-honey. These changes signal that it's time to add some flour to the contents of the saucepan. Add a third of all the flour in the recipe, stir well and boil it in a water bath for one minute. All this time we do not stop stirring.

Important! Too much flour at this stage is not added to the honey cakes. How to make a honey cake? Recipes indicate a fairly liquid consistency of the custard batter.

We connect the brewed dough with flour
Cake home honey recipe

Before using flour, it is necessaryenriched with oxygen (sifted). Now it remains to remove our unimaginably aromatic honey mixture from the water bath and add 2 tablespoons of flour to it, mix it thoroughly. Be sure to make sure that there is not a single lump left in the test. Let the coveted dough lightly thicken. Then, the unused portion of the flour is poured onto the surface, where we plan to knead the dough, and make a deepening. When we see that the brewed mass has already grabbed, we will shift it onto the working surface for kneading. The modeling of the mass must be neat and careful. Slightly wrap the edges of the honey composition, gradually pouring on it new portions of flour. Probably, the brewed dough has not completely cooled down yet, therefore it is necessary to make a caution with caution. As a result, a plastic com turns out, not steep, but at the same time not soft. A homemade honey cake, the recipe of which is presented here, is baked from a plastic, well-doughable dough. If you slightly overdo it with consistency, then roll out the cakes will be difficult.

How many parts are there?

All the resulting mass from the test is divided into 8identical light brown roundworms. In the process of forming the balls, you can lightly sprinkle the palms with water. So the dough will become supple and will not stick to your hands. Formed balls are better placed on a large cutting board, lightly sprinkled with flour. Now we will send the roundworms for no more than half an hour to "rest" in the refrigerator. To prevent drying, cover the dough with a food film or cellophane bag.

Tip: better put a timer that will signal the cooling of honey balls. If you forget about cool rounds, take care of your other pressing business and skip the time, your dough will become "wooden" and when crumbling crumbles. Sometimes the rounders need 15 minutes for final cooling. If in doubt, you can always check the dough by hand.

Homemade honey cake best recipes

Roll out the crusts

Each hostess understands that only the sameThe thickness of the cakes can form an ideal home honey cake. The best recipes in vain devote cooking-lovers in the subtleties of the process. So, we try to roll out the cakes, which are the same in thickness. It's because of the thickness, because to format the cake we have a pan cover. It is important that the rolled layer is in diameter wider than the lid, otherwise the edges will form uneven. We will cut after the cakes are baked. In the meantime, take a baking tray, lining it with parchment paper and lay out the resulting stock of the cake. We bake all 8 cakes one by one in a preheated oven up to 180 degrees. On one layer it takes an average of 3-4 minutes.

We closely follow the process

In view of the fact that the process of baking a meadIt's fast, it's best not to leave the oven. After all, no one wants to treat guests with fireballs. A beautiful brown color with golden tint will give a signal about the seizure of the next cake from the oven. If in doubt, that the baking will be successful, insure yourself: reduce the temperature of the oven to 160 degrees. However, in this case, the residence time of the cake in the oven is increased to 8 minutes.

Honey cakes: how to prepare a honey cake for a feast day?

The secret of perfect baking is simple. It is necessary to cut the baked cake directly on the baking sheet. Apply the previously selected cover to the finished cake, press and lightly rotate. This procedure is sufficient for filigree pruning. What if there are no modern pots with lids in the house that have edges? Then apply a template that can be found (this can be a plate), and carefully cut the cake around the whole circumference with a sharp knife. In any case, they do it right away. Cuttings are put aside, they will still be used as a cover.

By the end of baking, we will build a whole mountain ofcake, which will immediately harden slightly. This condition passes all the honey cakes. How to make a honey cake so that it becomes tender? It's very simple, 2 types of cream paste will come to the rescue as an impregnation. In the meantime, we'll make sweet crumb for sprinkling from the remaining scraps. And it's good that the dough hardens immediately after baking, because it's easy to help roll the scraps into a crumb.

Recipe for homemade honey cake delicious recipes

Whip Cream

It's my turn to make a cream. Some housewives are completely cost only one type of impregnation - from condensed milk. Try an amazing combination of cream masses, and you will not regret for a minute!

So, sour cream will be shaken with sugarsand, gradually pouring sugar to the total mass. We beat for a long time, at least 10 minutes, and look at the condition: if the cream has already increased in volume and has become lush, then it is ready.

In another bowl, start whipping butter and condensed milk. The oil should be soft, but not melted. This type of cream is beaten in a matter of seconds, but only if the products are selected high-quality. By the way, we already talked about this.

Form the cake
Homemade honey cake recipe

Corgi impregnate will be alternately: one - sour cream, one - oil, etc. If you want an unusually gentle taste, do not feel sorry for the cream, and even smear the bottom of the dish with sour cream. In this case, even the lower layer will receive its portion of happiness. We put the crusts on each other, without pressing them. This is done in order to get as much cream as possible into the dough. When all 8 cakes are stacked on each other and missed, the final chord comes. Let's slip the whole cake from above, remove the remains of the cream from the dish, and then we'll sprinkle the dessert with sweet crumbs. Do you feel like you are already drooling? Now leave our fragrant honey dessert to infuse at room temperature for 2 hours, and then we will clean it in the refrigerator for another 6 hours. You can leave the dish for the night, just do not forget to carefully cover the cake with food film.

We hope you enjoy this recipe (a homemade honey cake). Delicious recipes will please all members of your family.

Have a nice tea!

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