Homemade wine from apples - a recipe for a delicious drink

Homemade wine from apples, the recipe of which youread on, is considered a classic, on the basis of which you can experiment endlessly. But first, a little about the fruits themselves. For wine, any of its varieties can be used. However, if you want a sweet drink, choose the corresponding apples.

Homemade wine from apples, recipe
Many lovers of home winemaking consider: it is best to prepare homemade wine from apples, to take autumn or winter varieties of this fruit. Anis and Antonovka are leaders in artisanal winemaking.

Apples should be carefully selected at maturity. Unripe fruit can turn a wine into acetic sour, the rotten ones will spoil the flavor of the drink. Homemade wine from apples (the recipe of any preparation it implies) must be prepared from pure and ripened fruit. The more selective the apples, the more delicious the wine. In this case, note that the fruit to be washed, from which the drink will be prepared, is by no means possible! Thus, natural yeast is washed off from them, on the basis of which the fermentation process takes place. Peel off the dirt and dirt of the fruit can be a dry rag.

Any home-made wine from apples (prescription obliges),must be prepared in a special container. No, I do not have to invent a bicycle. Just choose a bottle or any other container of glass, but in no case from iron, aluminum or copper. Enamelware is also suitable. Here it just needs to be thoroughly washed. First - just hot water, then - with the use of soda, which should be washed off from the walls of the dishware in good faith.

Another mandatory device -special cork. It is called a water seal. This is usually a wooden plug with a tube that has two holes: one inside the bottle, the other at the other end of the tube, which is lowered into a container of water.

How to make wine from apples

All. If you have dishes with a water seal, you can create your own home wine from apples. The recipe requires only fruits and sugar for this. Of apples you need to squeeze out all the juice. It is best to use a juicer for this. Freshly squeezed juice is poured into our special bottle (the container can be very different), close the water seal and leave to wander. The second end of the tube is inserted into the jar with water. The fermentation process will be clearly visible by the "stirring" of this liquid, into which carbon dioxide will constantly flow.

After three to four weeks, when the gases are practicallywill cease to be allocated, wine can already be consumed. However, it is still not cleaned, and not particularly strong - degrees seven or eight, no more. To taste this wine resembles a sour compote "with degrees". To make this drink really tasty and strong, it must be well filtered and added to the liquid sugar. The more it is, the stronger the wine. It is believed that every 20 grams of sugar per liter of drink makes homemade wine a degree stronger. Typically, home winemakers add to apple wine 100 grams of sugar per liter. With such proportions, it has a decent strength (about twenty degrees), and a pleasant fruit taste.

Prepare homemade wine from apples

But that is not all. Apple wine with sugar should again "play" in the same container. And the longer, the more delicious and nobler it will be. Some owners manage to wait a whole year until the wine "plays out". And it's worth it. But, at least, this process should last at least a month.

Now that you know the main secrets of what,how to make wine from apples, you can safely experiment, playing with taste and color. In this drink you can add raspberries, all kinds of spices, honey, any other ingredients that can enhance or emphasize its taste. Store it in a cool place, you can and in the refrigerator.

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