How to eat avocado

Today on the shelves of even small shops there are many exotic fruits and vegetables, among which, perhaps, the leading place is occupied by avocados. With what do you eat this "overseas visitor"?

The simplest recipe is guacamole. This beautiful word denotes a classic Mexican sauce, which is prepared from an alligator pear, lemon juice. How to use avocado for this sauce? Very simple. The fruit is peeled, cut into very small pieces or blended, mixed with lemon juice, salt, pepper is added. The resulting sauce can be used as an additive to chips, meat, any other dishes. However, this flavor can be given any taste if other products are added to the described basis. Some cooks against mixing avocado with spicy herbs: they believe that the sharp smell of oregano, basil, watercress or cilantro will kill the tender fragrance of the fruit. Others are sure that such additives only enrich the taste of overseas fruit. Therefore, the question of how to eat avocados remains open. Precisely, we can say only one thing: the avocado is eaten raw. When heat treated, it becomes bitter and loses all its useful qualities. It is also important to know that too much of this fruit can lead to negative consequences: bloating, upset stomach. However, any product can lead to such troubles, if you eat too much. Therefore, at least one answer to the question of how to eat avocados exists: in moderation and with caution.

I really like not only guacamole, but alsoa variety of salads with Perseus (also called an alligator pear). Preparing them is not difficult, it is more difficult to choose the "right" fruit. In shops of our city, hard, like stones, fruits, brought from different countries, are sold more often. The most qualitative, sweet-tender - Israeli fruits. But others can also be used for food if they are allowed to ripen in a warm place.

For any salad you need to take a soft and gentlefruit in which the bone is easily separated. How to eat avocado? Cut in half, carefully peeled off, separate the bone. Halves are comfortable cups for salad.

It can be made from cottage cheese with celery andpineapple. This is an excellent option for those who want to lose weight, but can not give up "goodies". The salad is prepared simply. Pineapple (fresh or canned), celery stalk, spring onion, spicy herbs are thoroughly crushed, mixed with cottage cheese, seasoned with spices, pepper, salt. The resulting mass is laid out in half of the Perseus. It turns out that on one side it is satisfying, on the other hand it is low-calorie. You do not need to fill the filling: the avocado has an oily consistency, which completely replaces sour cream or mayonnaise. If the recipe is somewhat modified, it turns out an excellent pate, which you can take to work. For the preparation of such pate all the above ingredients simply blend, put in a small container and for a while put in the refrigerator. And at work, the mixture can be spread on crispy loaves or diet bread. It turns out an excellent alternative to pies and cakes.

In general for me, the question of how to eat avocados,does not exist. I like its oily, delicate taste so much that I use it almost everywhere: in salads, hot snacks, soufflé. By the way, the last dish is less and less prepared, but in vain. Nothing complicated in this.

First whisk each cream and eggproteins with powdered sugar. Then blend the avocado. Mix in the mixer squirrels, cream, puree from the alligator pear, add lemon juice (I sometimes replace it with fresh cherry). The resulting mixture is laid out on the molds and put in the refrigerator. Before serving a meal on the table, the souffle is decorated with pieces of fresh fruit. Even children like this food. Try it!

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