"Monkey" - New Year salad: composition and step-by-step recipe. Delicious Salad for the Year of the Monkey

Remembering what year it is, the landladies seekput on the table a dish with the appropriate name - "Monkey" (let it be a salad, a cake or something else - it does not matter). Salad ideas seem the most successful: fry less, the dish will be eaten if not on New Year's Eve, so until Christmas is exactly, and the table will acquire a smart and funny look. And the beast-protector will be satisfied, and the children will be pleased. Of course, salads for the New Year (Monkeys) do not all have to look like a monkey, but at least one is necessary! Especially since the main necessary skill is to give the dish the right kind.

monkey salad

"Monkey" salad: recipe number one

Let's step back a little from the established traditions andwe will change the baskets Olivier together with the uniform fur coat. Let the salad for the year of the Monkey be unusual, but be sure tasty. First two good chicken fillets are baked. You can and boil, but the taste will be pretty fresh, and the dish - not succulent. Chicken meat is chopped together with three steep eggs and a small onion. A pair of apples without skins and a 100-gram piece of cheese are rubbed and attached to the rest of the ingredients. Salad is seasoned with mayonnaise, peppered and if necessary poured, then laid out on a flat large plate in the form of a monkey's head. The muzzle is made with shabby cheese, a nut, a nose, eyes and a smile are marked with black olives from the nut crumb. It turns out quite plausible monkey. Salad should be for an hour - and you can safely greet the New Year.

salad for monkey year

Option number two

Curious animal who will look afterpeople throughout 2016, is very encouraging to all sorts of experiments. Including cooks. We suggest you try this salad in the form of a monkey. It will be based on cooked chicken (400 grams); You can remove it from the legs, if you do not like breasts, and cut into cubes. Meat is laid out on a platter on the monkey head pattern and is greased with mayonnaise. Above, the surface wakes up with canned peas (except ears). Two onions and a third of a kilo of champignons finely chopped and fried; in a cooled form distributed over peas - and again mayonnaise. A quarter kilogram of prunes without pits is steamed and finely cut. The dried fruit must be sour; if caught sweet, it mixes with two pickled cucumbers. Half of the prunes are placed on the muzzle and also lubricated. Five steep eggs are divided into yolks and squirrels. The last rubs; they fill the whole head, leaving only a smile. Again, mayonnaise, and on top - a layer of chopped walnuts. Grated yolk poured out the face with the formation of the nose, from the boiled squirrel are made eyes, from the deferred prune - hair. Monkey, as in the cartoon, probably will be the main dish on the table!

salads for the new year of the monkey

The third version

This time we will have a puffed "Monkey". Salad contains boiled eggs, carrots and potatoes (4 pieces each) and grams of 200 chicken. All you need to boil in advance in different vessels, what you need - to clean, cut the meat, rub the rest, including four salted cucumbers of medium size. The layers are smeared with mayonnaise and collected in the following sequence:

  1. Potato.
  2. Chicken.
  3. Cucumbers.
  4. Canned peas (an incomplete pot is needed).
  5. Carrot.
  6. Eggs, divided into yolks and squirrels and grated in different bowls.

Just from them, and "drawn" monkey muzzle. Ears can be made from kruglyashkov boiled sausage, and the eyes, nose and mouth - from improvised materials: olives, strips of sweet peppers or chopped nuts.

salad in the form of a monkey

Hepatic "Monkey"

Lovers of the demand will surely pay attention tothis recipe. And this is a fairly simple "Monkey" - a salad basically contains a liver (300 grams), three salted - not pickled - cucumber, a large carrot and a rather bulky bulb. The rest of the ingredients are needed only for decoration: a tomato, a steep egg, a couple of olives and processed cheese. Step by step the process of building a salad looks like this.

  1. The liver is cooked until cooked in salted water and cooled.
  2. The peeled carrots are rubbed, the onion finely crumbles, the vegetables are roasted with sunflower oil, with pepper and salt.
  3. Most of the liver and cucumbers are cut into cubes. A small piece of liver rubs, and the ears are cut from the other.
  4. Connect all the prepared ingredients, seasoned with mayonnaise and spices.
  5. Salad is laid out on a dish in the form of a muzzle. The ears are placed in the right place.
  6. The middle part of the face is sprinkled with grated liver, the lower jaw is a cheese crumb.
  7. The Christmas hat on the monkey is made with a chopped tomato; from it the smile is cut out. The edge of the cap and bubo on it are poured with grated protein, and the monkey's eyebrows are cheese.
  8. The eyes will be olives, nostrils - a semicircle of cucumber.

An hour of impregnation in the refrigerator - and a cheerful salad for a year Monkeys can be put in the center of the table.

New Year's salad monkey

Original version

Very interesting and tasty almost vegetarianNew Year's salad "Monkey". For him, three medium beets are baked until soft. You can cook, but there will be a surplus of moisture, and the dish will drain. Root is cleaned and rubs large. A large green apple, together with a skin, is cut with small blocks. The average onions crumble - you can take the usual bulbous, but tastier with white salad. Three boiled eggs are cut into standard cubes. They combine with beets; a little mixture is left for decoration, the rest is added to apples, onions, peppers, mayonnaise and salt. After kneading, the head of the monkey is made from the salad. It is covered with left beets. The top of the muzzle is covered with grated egg white, the bottom - with yolk. From the olives are made eyes, from strips of red sweet pepper - mouth and ears. Several hours of mutual exchange of juices and flavors, and a salad is ready for use.

Fruit Idea

As you know, monkeys love fruits very much. So without them the New Year table can not do. In addition, such a salad for the year of the Monkey is most like children. We take not a very large mango, a small pineapple (suitable and canned), two kiwi. Fruits are washed, those that need it - cleaned and cut with commensurable pieces. If you took pineapple in canned food, initially discard the filling. The mixture is folded into a salad bowl, on top is laid out the pulp, taken out of passion fruit. The filling will consist of half a glass of orange juice and a pile of lime or lemon juice. Both should only be depressed. If dressing seems acidic, you can supplement it with a spoonful of honey. Above, the dish is covered with thin stripes of mint leaves and lemon balm.

salad monkey recipe

Flight of culinary fantasy

No desire to experiment with new recipes? Or are your relatives traditionalists with respect to the New Year's table? You can make a salad in the form of a monkey from any familiar dish. And Olivier, and "fur coat" will keep their taste. On them you can draw a muzzle of a monkey mayonnaise, egg or nut crumb. And you can form the entire head of the prepared dish, using the ideas outlined above. And the Monkey will not be offended at you!

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