Mimosa Recipe

Mimoza salad is known not only in Russia, but also abroad - where it is called "Russian". According to its popularity, Mimoza competes with such famous salads as herring under a fur coat and Olivier.

Its preparation does not involve significant"Investment", but it looks very appetizing and elegant, externally, really resembling a mimosa flowers, so a rare holiday does without this dish.

The recipe for mimosa was known back in the seventiesyears - then it was prepared exclusively on holidays. In each family, Mimosa is done in its own way, and therefore the mimosa recipe is not one, but many, although the main components are the same - eggs, hard cheese, various kinds of canned fish (salmon, tuna, pink salmon, saury), and onions and mayonnaise.

Instead of canned fish, you can usecrab sticks or crab meat. Additional ingredients are potatoes, rice, apples, carrots, processed cheese, walnuts, butter. Preparation of mimosa salad gives room for imagination. And although there is no particular difficulty in its preparation, here there are tricks and subtleties.

Each hostess can present her own, beloved andoften a unique mimosa recipe. Let's stop on a mimosa salad with rice. For its preparation, the following components will be needed: 5-6 eggs, a glass of rice, canned fish - 1-2 cans, carrots - 2-4 pieces, 150-200 grams of cheese, onion (preferably red) - 1-2 pieces and mayonnaise . The mimosa recipe allows for such liberties, so some housewives put components on their eyes.

This salad is puffed and therefore you need to preparefor each layer components. First of all, you need to put rice, eggs and carrots, so for now these components are cooked, peeled and finely chopped onions. Sliced ​​onions must be scalded with boiling water in order to make it lose its sharpness. Boiled rice washed with cold water and left in a colander. Eggs are cleaned and the yolks are separated from the proteins. We squash proteins and cheese on a grater and mix. Then rub on the grater cooked carrots.

Now begins the preparation of mimosa salad. On the big dish lay the first layer - it will be rice. It needs to be leveled and greased with mayonnaise. The second layer is cheese mixed with proteins. It is also leveled and abundantly greased with mayonnaise. The third layer is a layer of fish, from which it is necessary to remove all the bones first and mash with a fork until it is uniform. Aligning this layer, we also cover it with mayonnaise, then lay a layer of onions, and again mayonnaise. Next will be a layer of grated carrots, which also generously smear mayonnaise. A layer of grated yolks completes the salad. It is better to look bright yellow yolks. You can mix yolks with finely chopped green onions. The last layer can not be soaked with mayonnaise, as it is the grated yolks that distinguish this salad from others. Having decorated a salad with leaves of parsley, or sprinkling on a circle finely chopped greens, put a salad in an ice-cream of hour for two that layers were impregnated. To improve the taste, each layer should be added separately.

For a mimosa salad with rice you need to choose a thickmayonnaise, it is better with a lemon flavor, and low-calorie and dietary mayonnaise do not fit the taste qualities and consistency. Therefore, if you do not want to spoil the taste of lettuce, take the choice of mayonnaise seriously.

The choice of mayonnaise is the first subtlety forreception of an excellent salad. And the second secret of preparing a tasty mimosa salad is the alternation of layers. Some mistresses prepare the mimosa salad not with a layer of rice, but with a layer of fish. This is wrong, because the taste of the salad is deteriorating.

Mimosa salad will taste better if all the layers exceptfish and onions, will be rubbed on a fine grater. For a celebratory table salad it is necessary to serve beautifully. Very original salad mimosa looks in a glass salad bowl, in which each layer is visible.

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