Pavlova cake - light and airy

A large number of people, responding to a question aboutThe ten dishes that must necessarily be sampled at least once in their life, distinguish Pavlova cake, which is a dessert from Oceania and is the hallmark of the best restaurants in the world. At home this sweetness is adored and called its "Pavilion". Interestingly, in its preparation set records. So, in Wellington was baked a dessert of forty-five meters, and in Hawk Bay - sixty-four meters.

The cake "Anna Pavlova" consists of three layers of meringue, and it is decorated with cream and fresh fruit.

Pavlov's cake

The first layer consists of a cake, which is bakedfrom egg whites, whipped in strong foam, wine vinegar, vanillin and cornstarch, thanks to which a crusty crust appears on the cake, and inside it remains soft.

The second layer consists of whipped low-fat creams that become so airy that they resemble clouds.

The third layer consists of berries and fruits (strawberries, bananas, peaches, raspberries, etc.).

It should be noted that fruits and cream are addedbefore filing. The crusts are cooked in advance and stored in the oven, and not in the refrigerator. Dessert should not be soaked in order not to lose its taste.

It must be remembered that the cake "Pavlova" should be airy and light, like the movements of a dancer, that's why he is named after a Russian ballerina.

Anne Pavlov's cake

Disputes about where this dessert is best prepared,do not stop until now. On this occasion, there is even a saying that can be heard in New Zealand: "My mother and father prepare my best cake, and also Aunt Pat."

And how is it cooked here? Let's consider this issue in more detail.

So, we are preparing the cake "Pavlova".


For the cake: four proteins, one glass of sugar, three tablespoons of cornstarch, half a spoonful of salt, one spoonful of lemon juice, one spoonful of wine vinegar, ten grams of vanilla sugar.

For cream: two hundred and fifty grams of cream, two tablespoons of powdered sugar, various berries and fruits.

The pan is covered with parchment, on which a circle is drawn.

Vanilla and ordinary sugar is ground into sugarpowder, take three spoons, and the rest is mixed with starch. Proteins together with lemon juice are beaten with a mixer until a soft foam forms, gradually adding sugar. After that, the mass continues to whisk until a steep foam forms.

On the surface of the protein mass, a mixture is pouredstarch and sugar, as well as vinegar, the mass is gently mixed and spread on a baking sheet in the size of a large circle. Bake cakes for an hour and a half (during this time it should be covered with a crusty crust) and, without taking it out of the oven, allow it to cool.

cakes for the new year

Pavlova cake is almost ready, it remains only to prepare the cream. For this, cool cream is mixed with sugar powder and whipped until a thick mass is formed. Berries and fruits are washed and dried.

The cake is transferred to a dish, cream is placed in its middle, fresh fruits and berries are decorated on top.

Thus, this dessert was created in honor ofthe legendary Russian dancer Anna Pavlova. If there is a question about what can be cooked cakes for the new year, then the answer is obvious - Pavlova cake, which is light and airy.

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