Which is better to choose a hot dish for a festive table

A holiday for any woman is an occasion to boastwith their culinary skills, so when guests are invited to the house, the owners try their utmost to please them. And it's not about "putting dust in the eye," it's simply accepted that our people generously treat their friends, especially during the celebration! Therefore, carefully prepared menu: salads, snacks, always a hot dish (for the festive table you need something special, you can not get cutlets here).

a hot dish for a festive table

As a rule, meat, chicken ora fish. And there are many nuances - the number of guests, the reason, even the number of snacks plays a role. If there are five salads and six snacks on the table, the hot dish for the festive table can go unnoticed - all present will just get eaten up.

If you are going to a narrow circle of friends and relatives,then you can cook chicken or turkey. The simplest thing is to bake the chicken on salt, for this we put a pack of salt on a pan or frying pan, we arrange a bird on top, we do not rub anything on it, do not rub it. We put in the oven at 200 degrees, check the readiness with a puncture. If transparent juice follows - the chicken is ready. Usually the baking goes from one and a half to two hours, depending on the size of the bird. Such a chicken with a crusty crust and juicy meat will take its place in the category "Festive hot dishes". With a turkey should be somewhat different. It is rather dry, so we wrap it in foil densely, in several layers, put it in the oven, we bake an hour, and not a half or two, we check for readiness. If you are ready - sprinkle with salt, put in the oven without the foil before zamumyanivaniya.

festive hot dishes

If grandiose banquet is to be held, then hotthe dish for a festive table should be more refined, besides it is conveniently divided into portions. For example, meat with prunes. You can take both pork and beef. In the first case, the meat should be discarded, salt, sprinkled with spices, lightly fried. Then put on a baking tray, on top to arrange the steamed prunes, bake in the oven, watering with the outstanding juice. Beef is better to put out with prunes, it is more rigid. The same pork can be baked in portions in foil and served to each guest separately.

hot meals for the holiday

Also good are the hot dishes for the holiday of the fish. Usually it is baked entirely, stuffed with vegetables. For greater convenience, it is again possible to prepare fish portionwise, for example, rolls with different fillings. It is possible with carrots and onions. To do this, rub the carrots and chopped onion lightly fry, lay on a long filet, add grated cheese, roll with roll, grate with toothpicks, bake in the oven.
You can serve this dish with different sauces, offer the guests several options, and they let them choose which filling they prefer.

As you already knew, a hot dish for a festiveThe table can be anything, the main thing is to cook it with the soul and beautifully serve it. Each housewife in the arsenal has a crown dish, which she always prepares perfectly. But this does not mean that every holiday you need to serve the same thing. After all, a new recipe unexpectedly can replenish your successively successful dishes and become another brand.

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