Salad "Rainbow" - recipe for beginners

It's great when the house has a smallthe hostess. It is her mother who passes on all her secrets on farming and, of course, on culinary arts. Help your daughter get her own cookbook and write down all the recipes that are cooked, and draw her to help in the kitchen. Start cooking with original and simple dishes. Salad "Rainbow", a recipe for cooking which even a small child can master, is perfect for this. All components of this dish should be seven colors.

Salad "Rainbow". Recipe

Prepare four hundred grams of chicken, three hundredgram of beet, three salted cucumber, two carrots, five eggs, two Bulgarian pepper, green onions and mayonnaise. The main feature of this salad is its shape and decoration. Boil chicken, cool and finely chop. Beets and carrots pre-boil, clean and grind on a large grater. Bulgarian pepper is released from the peduncle and seeds, and then cut into thin strips. Pickled cucumbers cut into cubes. Eggs are boiled until ready and rubbed on a large grater. We cut the green onions as small as possible. We leave a little each product for future salad decoration. The egg is divided into protein and yolk. We put one egg white for five minutes into a diluted blue food color. After complete staining, grind just like other products.

On a beautiful flat dish we lay out the components,giving the salad a rainbow shape. At the very bottom of the carrots. Next we put chicken meat, and on it salted cucumbers. Further - beets, peppers and eggs. Each layer is blotted with mayonnaise. The most important thing in cooking is to decorate our salad according to the colors of the rainbow. To do this, sprinkle the leftovers on the salad surface carefully. We keep the order: Bulgarian red pepper, orange carrots, yolk from the egg, greens onions, egg white, beet red beet and finish with blue-colored protein. Seeing such beauty as a salad "Rainbow", the recipe will be asked by all guests. A little hostess can boast of his participation in cooking.

It's very easy to prepare a salad "Riddle", a recipewhich should also be written in the cookbook. For this dish, a can of tuna, five stalks of celery, two green apples, one hundred grams of walnut kernels and mayonnaise are useful. Celery and apples are thoroughly washed and cut into small pieces. We open a can of tuna in our own juice and knead it with a fork, without removing the juice beforehand. Walnuts are ground in a blender. Mix all ingredients and season with mayonnaise. We serve in a common salad bowl or make personal portions. We decorate the salad with fresh herbs and sliced ​​cherry tomatoes. The taste of salad is so unusual that the guests do not guess its components for a long time.

Do you want to surprise your guests with something else? Prepare together with your daughter a salad "Rustic", the recipe you will like so much that you will often include it in the menu. It requires very simple ingredients. You will need two hundred grams of sauerkraut, one onion, three potatoes, three hundred grams of mushrooms (fresh or frozen) and vegetable oil. The bulb is cleaned and cut into squares. We wash mushrooms, cut into pieces and fry in oil together with onions. Potatoes are boiled, cooled and cut into cubes. All ingredients are mixed in a deep bowl and season with vegetable oil. If desired, salt and sprinkle with chopped greens.

Interesting options for preparing salads decorateboth festive and casual table. Salad "Rainbow", a recipe for salad "Riddle" and "Rustic", and your little hostess already has a variety of options for starters to write to the cookbook. Bon Appetit!

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