Goose dishes

Goose - the first bird that a man domesticated(twenty thousand years ago). Since this bird is very careful and anxious when approaching strangers, even then the so-called goose-sitting was used.

To date, the meat of this bird is widelyUsed in cooking for cooking various dishes. Gusiatina is rich in vitamins of group B, C, PP and A, proteins, magnesium, zinc, sodium and other useful micro- and macro elements.

Consider how different dishes from the goose are prepared.

1. The goose is kingly.

Ingredients: a carcass of one bird, two bottles of dry table wine, eight hundred grams of balyk, fifteen eggs, three glasses of rice, one can of smoked sardines, three onions, one can of olives, two hundred and fifty grams of mayonnaise, salt to taste.

The bird is soaked for one night in wine (then dishesfrom the goose are particularly delicious). After a lapse of time, the onion-cut onion is added to it. Eggs are boiled, cut halfway and take out yolks, to which are added balyk, passed through a meat grinder, and a little mayonnaise. The resulting mixture is filled with boiled halves of eggs and combines them together.

Balyk, who remained, cut, add to it boiled rice.

Goose is taken out, dried, rubbed with spices andsalt. On his skin, cuts are made, where the pieces of balyk are put, inside put the prepared rice and sew up with twine. The bird is greased with mayonnaise, put on a baking sheet, the remaining rice, eggs, olives, sardines are placed on the sides. All watered with mayonnaise and put baked in the oven, periodically pouring grease from the goose. Ready dish is decorated with greens and vegetables.

2. Goose soup.

Ingredients: one goose medium size, half a cup of beans, one onion, various roots, salt and spices, greens, fat.

Beans carefully sorted and washed, pouredcold water or broth, add the chopped goose and cook. The bird is taken out when it becomes soft. Onions and roots are cut, passaged on goose fat, which is previously removed from the broth, spices added and put into soup for twenty minutes before the end of its cooking.

Before serving, one piece of meat is laid in each plate and sprinkled with herbs.

Dishes from goose according to recipes of restaurant chefs:

3. Stew.

Ingredients: half a glass of juniper, one can of mushrooms, seven hundred and fifty grams of goose hams, one spoonful of thyme, two hundred grams of broth, two tablespoons of butter, one onion, two tablespoons of flour, one hundred grams of red wine, salt, pepper.

Meat is separated from bones, it is cut andfry in oil, add chopped onion, flour, broth and put boil. After that, add wine, salt and pepper, thyme and juniper, and extinguish forty minutes, after which fall asleep chopped mushrooms and spices.

4. Goose hams.

Ingredients: fifty grams of salt and sugar, two tablespoons of starch, one hundred and fifty grams of chicken broth, one pinch of nutmeg nut, one cinnamon stick, four hams of goose, four pears, four spoons of currant jelly, three hundred and fifty grams of red wine, pepper.

The ham is rubbed on all sides with salt and pepper,put roast in the oven for ninety minutes, periodically need to water the resulting meat juice. Wine, as well as sugar and spices are put on the fire and brought to a boil, then add the cut and peeled pears and stew for five minutes. After a lapse of time, half of the fruit is put aside, the broth is boiled and filtered, diluted with juice from goose, broth and jelly, brewed with starch and seasoned. The mixture is poured into the ham.

Thus, dishes from the goose are prepared enoughsimply and do not take much time. It should be remembered that the meat of this bird is fat enough, so the proteins are digested a little worse than when used, for example, chicken. Nevertheless, it is often prepared for celebratory dinners.

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