Coriander honey and its beneficial properties

Most of us know about this spicyan annual plant, like coriander, called cilantro in the Caucasus. Its fragrant greens will enrich the taste of salads, meat and vegetable dishes, and the dry fruits of this plant are widely used in the making of various sausages, as well as baking bread, gingerbread and gingerbread.

Coriander honey useful properties
However, very few people know about such a useful and very tasty product, like coriander honey, collected by beekeepers of southern Russian regions.

The taste of the East

Such an amazing plant, like coriander,has long been widely used in cooking. Especially often it is used in the Caucasian, Mexican, Indian and many Asian cuisines. Somewhere they prefer to use its leaves for culinary purposes, and for others its seeds are more interesting. It is also interesting that coriander, also called coriander, coriander, coriander, chicken and Chinese parsley, is one of the few plants that are both spicery (when using its leaves) and spice (if seeds are used, but it was not originally used in cooking, but in medicine, the medicinal properties of coriander were known and used for medical purposes in ancient Egypt and Rome, and the great healer of antiquity Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna) mentioned it in his "Canon of Medical Science." It was used to stimulate appetite, treat gastric and intestinal diseases and improve cardiac activity, and in China, it was believed that the use of coriander makes a person immortal.No less unique properties are derived from this plant coriander honey - a natural healer "bodies and souls."

Coriander honey

Such a rare and unusual

Meet this kind of flower honey in the storeit is impossible, you will rarely see it at various "honey" exhibitions and fairs. This is explained by the fact that it is difficult to collect, and the final product is not enough. There is an opinion that bees do not care which blooming plants to collect pollen, but beekeepers unanimously disprove it. Coriander, revealing its white and pink inflorescence in the middle of summer, has a scent that is unpleasant for insects and they try not to sit on it. In order to get coriander honey, beekeepers have to "move" the hives as close as possible to the places where this plant is located. From mid-June to early August - the time for collecting honey from the flowers of coriander.

Properties of coriander honey


Due to the presence of honey, obtained fromcoriander flowers, micronutrients such as iron, copper and manganese, the color of which is light brown. A high rate of crystallization, occurring in about 1-2 months, causes such a property of coriander honey as coarse-grained. The smell is quite specific and somewhat spicy because of the presence in its composition of essential oils. Tart, drug-caramel taste of this kind of honey will never be confused with any other.

Beneficial features

Even healers and healers of the ancient world noted the undoubted benefits brought about by the cilantro itself, as well as by various infusions and compounds on its basis.

Benefits of coriander honey
Modern research has shown that coriander honey has beneficial properties and is able to exert the following effects on the human body:

  • antiseptic;
  • wound healing;
  • pain reliever;
  • antispasmodic;
  • bronchodilator;
  • improves the secretion of the digestive system;
  • choleretic;
  • reduces the heart rate;
  • promotes the production of sputum;
  • increases the potency.

Features of internal application

You can talk a long time about coriander honey. Useful properties, which he has, to list even longer. However, it must be remembered that this is a fairly "serious" product, and you can use it as a medicine only after consulting with the doctor who supervises you. Honey from coriander flowers has an impact on several systems of the human body: digestive, excretory, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine. You can only prescribe the dosage in which you need to take it, only a specialist-therapist, after having sent you to take tests and excluding the possibility of allergic reactions and individual intolerance.

Coriander honey useful properties and contraindications

At what diseases will help?

Coriander honey, taken under controlphysicians, can significantly reduce the level of stress, increase psycho-emotional tone and help with chronic fatigue. This effect is due to the high content of glucose in its composition. In addition, this unusual product of the life of bees increases immunity and has an antioxidant effect. When carrying out complex treatment, daily consumption of honey from coriander flowers can not only normalize, but also improve eyesight. Scientists have proven the benefits of coriander honey for people with diabetes. His controlled intake can significantly lower blood sugar levels. Also this kind of honey can help:

  • with anemia and anemia;
  • with diseases of the intestines, digestive tract, pancreas and liver;
  • with chronic bronchitis and asthma;
  • in the treatment and prevention of helminthiases;
  • with sexual dysfunctions;
  • It can also be used to normalize the heart rhythm in various diseases of the cardiovascular system;

External application

Due to the unique composition, which includesvarious macro- and microelements, you can use and externally coriander honey. Useful properties and contraindications to its use should be studied in advance, so as not to encounter various skin problems or allergic reactions. If there is no individual intolerance, honey from coriander can be used as an antiseptic and wound healing agent used for mouth and throat rinses for stomatitis, tonsillitis and other diseases. Infusion for such rinses is prepared as follows: a tablespoon of pharmacy chamomile is filled with a glass of hot boiled water and insisted. When the solution becomes warm, add a tablespoon of honey and use as directed. Coriander honey has a curative effect on the skin, and local warm lotions from it will help get rid of acne.

Honey coriander: contraindications

As already mentioned above, floral honey from coriander can be used only after preliminary consultation with the doctor and under his supervision.

Honey coriander contraindications
With extreme caution, it should be usedpeople with any chronic diseases, as well as those who have an allergy to anything. Those who have or still have any skin diseases should apply such a rare beekeeping product very carefully so as not to aggravate the existing disease. Pregnant women and nursing mothers, before trying coriander honey, useful properties and contraindications to use, as well as the possibility of using it is simply obliged to discuss with the attending physician.

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