Menu for every day. What to cook from beef for the second?

Beef is one of the popular and oftenused in the diet of meat. It is less fat and, accordingly, less harmful than pork, and also has many useful properties. For example, beef contains a large number of proteins necessary for the work of the human body, which are preserved even after heat treatment of meat in almost full volume, as well as vitamin B12. In addition, the use of beef is often recommended for anemia and to lower the level of dangerous cholesterol.

what to cook from beef for the second

In addition to many useful qualities, it hasfine taste. Beef dishes are a good solution for making lunches and dinners, soups and second courses. If we talk about the first dishes, then with beef you can cook almost any of them. Traditional cabbage soup, borsch and other products containing meat will acquire a wonderful taste and aroma and will turn out to be less greasy than cooked using pork or poultry. We will not discuss the recipes for the first courses, but let's talk about what to cook from beef for the second or dinner. I want to offer you some popular recipes that you can use in the daily menu. So, what to cook from beef to the second?


delicious second of beef
One of the most popular and easiest incooking of dishes from beef is, of course, goulash. To make it, you need a minimum of products. For one serving: meat of beef - about 200 g, 3 tablespoons of tomato paste, a tablespoon of flour, salt, vegetable oil. First you need to fry the frying pan in vegetable oil until it is browned. Cook the dish better in a deep frying pan or saucepan. You can transfer the roasted meat to a shallow pan after it is fried. Now add the tomato paste to the meat and fill it with water so that it completely covers it. Stir and simmer the beef for 10 minutes, after which we cast some (half a cup) of broth, cool a bit and add flour there. Stir thoroughly and pour back into the dishes, where goulash is cooked. Cut the onions finely and fry separately, add it there, to the meat, complement the dish with salt, pepper and bay leaves. Stew for 5 minutes, sprinkle with herbs. A delicious second beef is ready! Of course, do not forget about the garnish, almost any: potatoes, rice, buckwheat, pasta.

Beef Stroganoff

Another dish that needs to be mentioned,talking about what to cook from beef to the second, - it's befstroganov. For its preparation we will need: beef, sour cream, onion, tomato paste, flour, butter, salt, pepper. Cut the meat into pieces about 2 cm thick and beat them off so that the thickness is halved. The resulting pieces cut into small blocks 3-4 cm long and sprinkle them with salt and pepper. In a frying pan, melt some butter and fry in it a teaspoon of flour, then add 100 g of sour cream and warm for a minute. Add 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, mix. The sauce is ready. Transfer it to another dish, for example in a sauté pan, and the frying pan is still useful. Fry the prepared strips of meat, but not all at once, but a few pieces, so that they do not give juice, put the meat in a bowl with sauce. Fry the onion, sprinkle it there. All products for beef stroganov in the collection. Stir them and bring to a boil, do not need to boil. Here is another answer to the question: "What to cook from beef for the second?" Serve with garnish, the second is ready!

preparation of second courses of beef

As you can see, cooking the second course of beef- it's simple and fast, convenient and very tasty. In fact, there are a lot of beef dishes. It can be boiled and fried, stewed and baked. She, as already mentioned, perfectly matches with any garnish. From it you can make minced meat, which will serve as the basis of cutlets, stuffings for pies, casseroles or, for example, pasta in a Fleet manner. Beef can be extinguished or baked in the oven with potatoes, resulting in an ideal second course, which does not require cooking garnish.

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