"Bio Balance" (yogurt): useful properties, composition, types and reviews

Yoghurts are more popular than ever. Some drink them for the sake of excellent taste, others - for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, the third - in order to reduce weight. "Bio Balance" - yogurt is special. It consists of only natural ingredients. It has excellent taste characteristics and is very useful for your health.

bio balance yogurt

What is this product

"Bio Balance" - yoghurt, which is made fromnormalized milk, by fermenting it with special fermented milk bacteria - a Bulgarian stick. It is because of this in the final product there are many biologically active substances, vitamin and minerals. But various supplements are a delight only for our bodies of taste. They do not do any good for the body. Therefore, the ideal "Bio Balance" - yogurt kefir.

Benefits for the body

Doctors are well aware of the benefits of fermented milkproducts. That is why from the first supplementary feeding, pediatricians are advised to introduce natural yoghurts into the diet. They are widely used not only in children's, but also dietary nutrition. Such products suppress putrefactive processes in the intestine and strengthen the natural microflora. This effectively cleanses the body, strengthens immunity and improves health.

Women who watch their weight, for sureknow about the products of "Bio Balance". Yogurt is not always a low calorie content and good for the body. There are many products on the market that are completely opposite. Why is this brand received such recognition?

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The difference between yogurt "Bio Balance"

First of all, it should be noted thatdrinking yogurt "Bio Balance" was developed specifically for urban residents. Its composition is really unique. Nutritionists recommend daily include in the menu at least one bottle of this product.

These yogurts contain LGG lactobacilli, whichcontribute to the normalization of metabolism. It is he who suffers most from urban residents. Problems with the environment, lack of fresh air, stress - all this greatly undermines our immunity. But, unfortunately, we pay attention to this only when we start to get sick constantly. But the right diet is the basis of a healthy lifestyle and harmony with your body.

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Products «Bio Balance»

In the product line, there are a number of deliciousyoghurts and cottage cheese, among which you will certainly find something that is right for you. For example, kefir product "Bio Balance". Yogurt, the calorie content of which does not exceed 40 kcal per 100 g of product, is the perfect snack for those who follow their figure. And if you are looking for a tasty and useful dessert, then pay attention to the most delicate curds with muesli. They will give a great mood and energy for the whole day.

Composition of the product

Let's analyze what the yoghurt "BioBalance". The benefit of this product is determined not by advertising, but by what our body receives from its use. The product line includes yoghurts with different fillings and flavors. All of them are made from whole and low-fat milk. The composition includes stabilizers and flavors, acidity regulators and sugar. And also dried milk and skim milk protein, the ferment of yoghurt and probiotic cultures. The only exception is the kefir product, which does not contain fillers, sugar and other additives, that is, it is the most natural.

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The maintenance of useful substances and caloric content

Let us now consider in more detail how muchcalories in yogurt "Bio Balance". The answer is definitely not possible: each product differs from the others in composition. As we have already said, "Kefir" yogurt (1%) is ideal for those who follow their figure. It contains 1 g of fat, 3 g of protein and 5 g of carbohydrates with a total caloric content of 41 kcal per 100 g of product. Very good indicators. Try to buy the child is this product.

Next in our lineup will be a naturalyoghurt 2%. It contains already 60 kcal per 100 g of product, but it is still very balanced. The chain of the most useful products of this series closes another useful "Bio Balance" - yogurt "Cereals" contains 76 kcal per 100 g of product. In this case, in the composition of only 1.5 g of fats, 3 g of protein and 12 g of carbohydrates. That is, the content of the latter is too high, at a low total caloric content of the product. All other products with fruit flavors are even more caloric. Hence, they are not too suitable for those who want to lose weight. Average caloric content is 90 kcal per 100 g of product, while carbohydrates contain about 15 g, fats - 2.4, and protein - 3 g.

yogurt bio balance benefit and harm

Product Brand

To date, the options for delicious goodieslots of. You will surely find the perfect "Bio Balance" for every member of your family. "Green tea and lemon" is suitable for fans of neutral flavors. In addition, this yogurt contains 77 calories. Simultaneously, "Bio Balance. Zlaki "has 76 calories," Blueberry-Grains "- 78.

However, the most delicious goodies are "Bio Balance"with a double taste. Cherry-cherry and strawberry-strawberry, raspberry-blueberry and mango-melon, apricot-peach and wild berries-all contain at least 92 kcal per 100 g of product. However, if you are not on a diet, then definitely try at least one of them. You will definitely enjoy a stunning, rich taste.

Contents of vitamins and minerals

Yoghurts "Bio Balance" are very useful fororganism because they contain a huge amount of microelements. Let's briefly list them. Every 100 g of yogurt includes 124 mg of calcium, 152 - of potassium, 100 - of phosphorus. The remaining trace elements are smaller, but they are also very important. These are cobalt, molybdenum, fluorine, chromium, selenium, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, iron and sulfur. But that is not all. Yoghurts "Bio Balance" contain a lot of vitamins. This is PP, C, A and almost the entire group B.

bio balance yogurt cereals

Control purchase

We all want to know how much foodmeet the requirements of quality and state standards. For this, a control purchase is carried out, after which the product is tested in the laboratory. What is the "Bio Balance" yogurt? Benefits and harms were assessed on a number of parameters. First of all, the product was offered to taste the consumer. All subjects noted excellent taste, pleasant sourness and visible particles of fruit. Yogurt coped with this test.

What did they say in the laboratory? First of all, the tests confirm the good protein content. It was even more than indicated by the manufacturer, almost 4 g / 100 g. That is, yogurt made from natural milk is made. In the composition there is starch, which is a thickening agent. However, this does not affect taste and caloric content. The number of lactic acid and bifidobacteria exceeds 25 times the minimum allowable amount. That is, the product corresponds to the claimed name "bio-yogurt". But the pathogenic bacteria and moldy fungi in the composition is not found, that is, the product is completely safe.

how many calories in yogurt bio balance

Yogurt for weight loss

"Bio Balance" normalizes the metabolism, sois very useful for individuals who control body weight. However, in this case, it is best to choose kefir yogurt without fruit additives. This product has a lot of useful properties. It improves digestion and intestinal motility, cleanses the body and removes toxins from it. However, this does not end with the whole benefit of natural yogurt. Its use favorably affects the state of the nervous system, reduces the risk of developing bowel cancer, positively affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails. That is, this yogurt will be useful to everyone without exception. The shelf life of all products of this line is from 14 days to a month. This is the maximum period during which useful bifidobacteria can be stored in yogurt. If the packaging has a shelf life of three months or more, it means, before you, puree from thickeners, stabilizers and preservatives.

Dietitian Reviews

All doctors agree that dairythe products are very useful for the body. Especially it concerns yoghurts with live bifidobacteria. By regularly introducing such a product into the diet, you can be sure that the body will work like a clock. And the result will be an excellent state of health and a good mood. "Bio Balance" is the best representative in its class on the Russian market, according to experts. Tasty and useful, it should be on every table.

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