Macaroni with mushrooms in sour cream sauce: the most delicious recipes

Pasta is considered a "passing" dish, whichserved on the table, if there is no time to cook something more elegant and interesting. However, such an opinion is the remnants of the Soviet past with the Stolovsky menu. Recall: Italian cuisine is considered one of the most exquisite, and the pasta in it takes almost the leading place. So boldly cook pasta with mushrooms in sour cream sauce, and your relatives or guests will not remain unhappy with the meal.

pasta with mushrooms in sour cream sauce

Simple pasta with champignons

Any recipes with pastasuggest their separate boiling. We will not give any recommendations on this matter: a detailed instruction on pasta preparation is given on the package. In the dish "Macaroni with mushrooms in sour cream sauce" we are interested in mushrooms and gravy.

Champignons (they are most accessible, but you cantake another prey "quiet hunting") is taken only slightly less than pasta. The onion is crumbled finely and fried in olive (you can take any other) oil. How to find a brownish color, plates or cubes of mushrooms are poured into a frying pan. A few minutes of co-frying - and the base of the sauce is poured in. For her, a quarter kilo of mushrooms are mixed in a spoonful of selected ketchup, low-fat sour cream, light mayonnaise, chopped dill and soy sauce. After mixing, the mushrooms are cooked until ready, they are introduced into the paste - and the dish is laid out on plates.

pasta with mushrooms in sour cream sauce recipe

"Count's whim"

If you like the more elegant and intricatepasta with mushrooms in sour cream sauce, called in Italy Il Capriccio del Conte. However, champignons are indispensable here, you will need dried forest mushrooms, about a glass. They need to be thoroughly rinsed, poured with boiling water and let stand for five minutes under the lid. In parallel, greens are shredded; its composition is left to the discretion of the cook, but at least parsley with dill. In addition, you need to finely chop the garlic clove. Do not crush - too much loss of precious juice. The soaked mushrooms for about ten minutes are cooked in the same water as they were kept. Next, the broth merges, is flavored with fat sour cream and mayonnaise (three spoons), salted and peppered. Mushrooms are added to a dry frying pan, filled with a spoon of cognac and seven minutes slowly stewed under the lid. Now add the rest of the sauce - and three minutes back to the fire.

"The grape whim" of spaghetti is poured directly into plates. And absorbed with great pleasure.

Pasta with mushrooms in sour cream sauce: recipe with minced meat

It will be a full and satisfying dish, notrequiring no additions. Is that in the form of vegetable salad. In olive oil, two spoons of chopped garlic and half a cup of crumbled onions are fried. Then add two hundred grams of fresh mushrooms and minced meat - preferably veal. Hinder intensely! After the lightening of the meat, the base is poured; After five minutes a glass of sour cream is poured in, and the contents of the frying pan are peppered. Soon, half a glass of crumbled onion-pen is poured into the vessel, and the fire immediately turns off. Added ahead of the cooked spaghetti, the dish is mixed and decomposed into plates. Especially tasty such pasta with mushrooms in sour cream sauce, if they are sprinkled with cheese chips. Gourmets still chew their dish with a few drops of olive oil with a truffle.

pasta with porcini mushrooms in sour cream sauce

"Exquisite pleasure"

It is they who will become pasta with porcini mushrooms inSour cream sauce, if you add shrimp to them. The first thing to do is roasting from the semicircles of the bulb - always in melted butter. Then a glass of mushrooms is poured in, it can be frozen. When they get a light glow, they add brushed shrimp, also a glass. Almost immediately half a glass of sour cream is poured (it can be replaced with low-fat cream). When the sauce boils, it is ready. Appetizing gravy is poured on a cooked and still hot pasta. And served admiring eaters.

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