Meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce: recipe. Meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce in the oven, in a multivark, in a pot

Whichever you choose in the store or on the marketmeat, with mushrooms, in sour cream sauce it always turns out to be perfect. Even if you accidentally bought a piece from a not too young animal, it will not remain rigid. And the fresh forms of meat are colored by the mushrooms with delicate flavors. In addition, all the main ingredients included in the dish, perfectly combined with a variety of spices and friends with many pleasant additions. Full room for a culinary fantasy: you can add prunes, potatoes, enrich the composition with fruits or summer vegetables.

Meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce

Beef Stroganoff with mushrooms

The most famous dish from beef is,of course, beef stroganoff. The dairy product softens stubborn fibers, which even just boil often have hours. And beef meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce comes out even more tender and juicy, and with a sufficient number of mushrooms it turns out to be quite an independent and tempting meal. If you also expect a side dish, you can confine yourself to a small number of them - for example, a quarter kilogram for 700 grams of beef. To start with champignons (if there is no access to forest mushrooms, if there is, they need to be processed according to their kind) are cleaned, cut into fairly large slices and stewed a bit - until the juice is no longer let out, but that already let out completely not evaporated. Beef is cut with elongated straw, podsalivaetsya and quickly fried in butter, so that only a beautiful crust seized. Pieces are removed, and in their place is placed and the cut onion is sliced. As soon as the roast becomes transparent, half a liter of boiled broth ahead of time, a glass of thick sour cream and, after achieving uniformity, two spoons of flour. All together, slowly boil for about ten minutes, until thickening, after which beef and champignons are laid. Gathered in a pile of meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce seasoned with white pepper and salt (you can put and other seasonings) and stew for half an hour.

Meat recipes with mushrooms in sour cream sauce

Chicken with mushrooms in sour cream sauce

In principle, you can take any parts of the bird, all onthe taste will be wonderful. However, it is especially recommended that the breast - such meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce will just melt in the tongue, and you will no longer turn to say that the fillet is hard, dry and tasteless. First processed meat: a pound of breast, cut into cubes, salted and podperchennoy, breaded in flour and fried until a beautiful "sunburn". Pieces are taken out by a noisy and are replaced by two chopped onions. After about five minutes of frying, quarters of champignons are poured into them (slightly less than a half kilo). Together mushrooms and onions languish for about seven minutes, after which chicken cubes are returned to the pan, supplemented with half a liter of sour cream of medium fat content and stewed for another quarter of an hour. Minutes for five before removing the dish is salted, flavored with a mixture of peppers and dill.

Meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce in a multivariate

The pots are on the table!

Rabbit meat with mushrooms in sour cream saucepot - exactly what you can submit for the holiday, or you can cook an expensive family on weekdays, in order to remind you that you love him. A pound of medium-sized rabbit is either soaked in the night in ordinary water, or two hours marinated in any composition (in lemon or tomato juice, soy sauce, honey, etc.). Grams 200 frozen white mushrooms are boiled twice and finely crumbled. Three garlic cloves are cut with plates, bulb - quarters of rings, two medium carrots rub. The potatoes are distributed among the pots, salted, on it are placed mushrooms, on top - vegetables. Half a liter of sour cream is diluted in the same volume of water, each pot is topped by three quarters and put in the oven for 40 minutes (depending on the size of the container - maybe for an hour).

Meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce in a pot

Exquisite julienne

Recipe for meat with mushrooms in sour cream saucedoes not necessarily imply any particular part of the carcass. Sometimes it is much more interesting to take a non-standard piece, for example beef tongue. The dish will, of course, not be daily, but amazingly tasty. A third of a kilogram of tongue is boiled (water must be poured), it removes the skin, it is cut into thin strips and fried in butter. Separately, already in lean oil, chopped mushrooms are allowed in the same amount as the tongue, with a pair of chopped onions. At the end, two chopped garlic chives, salt and white pepper. In a small frying pan, a spoon of oil is heated, two spoons of flour are fried in it and half a glass of sour cream is poured in. Having achieved the smoothness, the mass is poured into the coconut shells, where the layers are placed tongue and mushrooms. From above poured grated cheese - and in the oven, until the formation of a brown crust. Is necessarily hot!

"Caprice" in Estonian

Prepares, again, in the oven, but requirespretreatment in a frying pan. You need to take pork from the cervical region. A pound of meat is cut as a chop, only small, taped with a hammer under the film, sprinkled with salt and selected spices and fried - quickly, not until ready, only until a beautiful and strong crust. Inside the otobevushki should remain half-baked. Pork is transferred to the baking dish, and large slices of any mushrooms are laid in the pan (small ones can be put into the whole case) and fairly large cubes of two bulbs. On a very high fire, the frying is done (about five minutes), then a quarter of a glass of brandy, rum or cognac is poured in, and after a couple of minutes of evaporation - a third of a liter of low-fat sour cream mixed with a grated bar of Dutch cheese (grams 150). When the mixture thickens, it pours out into the mold, the meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce in the oven sprinkled with crumbled thyme and put in the oven for a quarter of an hour. Try this dish, you do not want to after looking for other recipes.

Meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce in the oven

Pork in the multivariate

As always, the device reduces the hassle ofpreparing a favorite dish almost twice. To cook meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce in a multivark, in the baking mode, half-rings of three onions and 200 grams of forest mushrooms are fried. Then, half a kilogram of pork sticks are added, breaded in flour, mixed with salt and seasonings. When zamumyanyatsya - pour half a glass of low-fat sour cream and a glass of carbonated mineral water, add a laurel and (if necessary) spices. The extinguishing regime starts for half an hour - and you are ready to call for supper.

Possessing appropriate knowledge of how to cook meat with mushrooms in sour cream sauce, you can please your loved ones practically every day.

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