"White Sun of the Desert": restaurant Arkadiy Novikov

On Neglinnoy, in the house number 26, back in the late 90'sThe restaurant of oriental cuisine opened its doors. The well-known Moscow businessman Arkady Novikov (the creator of the project) named it in honor of the masterpiece of Soviet cinema - the film "White Sun of the Desert". The restaurant is one of the first thematic establishments in Moscow.

Dishes of Central Asian cuisine of the residents of the capitalsurprising is difficult. There are many similar establishments in Moscow. Nevertheless, the "White Sun of the Desert" is a restaurant that is popular today as it was 20 years ago. What is the secret of success of this enterprise? Why do true connoisseurs of Central Asian culinary culture prefer Novikova institution to other restaurants of the megalopolis?

white sun desert restaurant


"White Sun of the Desert" - a restaurant thatvisit not only to get acquainted with Uzbek culinary traditions. The guests of this institution are the pioneers of Soviet culture and everything connected with it. For a long time the legendary picture of Motyl "The White Sun of the Desert" has flown to quote. Novikov's restaurant is the continuation of an imperishable Soviet film.

The plot of the picture, narrating about the struggleRed Army men with basmachi, is remembered already at the entrance. Guests are met by a man with a gun. However, this "Red Army man" is quite peaceful. The design of the hall is based on the plot of the famous film. Vladimir Motyl visits the restaurant "White Sun of the Desert" from time to time. Photos that adorn the walls of the institution, made in the distant 1970, right on the set. Granted them once the director himself, who is an honored guest of the restaurant.

In summer the institution opens the doors of the veranda. Guests eat dishes prepared according to Central Asian traditions, and admire the Moscow landscape. It's cool here even on the hottest July day. And cooking takes place in front of the guests. And, finally, it is worth talking about the menu of the restaurant "White Sun of the Desert".

white sun of the desert restaurant moscow


The interior of this institution is, of course, unique. But positive reviews deserve, above all, the culinary masterpieces that are present in the menu. The face of the restaurant, as you know, is the chef. In the institution, referred to in this article, the kitchen is headed by Yevgeny Demin. He has been cooperating with Novikova since 2010. Before, the master of culinary art worked in such restaurants as "Bavarius", "Muscat".

Popular dishes

The main quality of a good cook is skillimprovise. Thanks to such abilities and experience of working with foreign professionals, Demin was able to make a menu that has been popular for several years among the regulars of the White Sun of the Desert restaurant. Salads "Tashkent" and "Achuchuk" won a special love of the guests. Some even argue that it is worthwhile to visit an Uzbek restaurant on Neglinnaya at least in order to taste these dishes cooked according to unique recipes. The price of "Tashkent" is 490 rubles. The cost of a portion of the "Achuchuk" salad is 690 rubles.

restaurant menu white sun of the desert

Regular guests of the restaurant "White Sun of the Desert"also recommend to try the Bai soup, fatair with cheese, rabbit in Arabic. And, finally, a real Uzbek pilau is served here. The process of making this ancient oriental dish is akin to art. And, despite the abundance of Eastern restaurants, there are not many places in Moscow where you can order the "right" Uzbek pilaf.

Pan-Asian cuisine

In the menu of this restaurant there are not onlyUzbek and Azerbaijani dishes. Here you can taste dishes made according to the traditions of the peoples of Singapore and Malaysia. So, here are served a salad, which includes mango, royal prawns, arugula. The cost of this dish is 990 rubles.

Of course, in a restaurant created in the eastern traditions, there can not be a large selection of hookahs. The cost of the most expensive - "Mojito for the Sheikh" - is more than four thousand rubles.

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Outing banquet

Employees of the restaurant "White Sun of the Desert",along with the staff of the institution "Uzbekistan", for more than eight years have been providing services for arranging holiday events on the roadside on a turn-key basis. For example, those wishing to arrange a small banquet in an oriental style in a country house can address this question to the managers of the institution.

"White Sun of the Desert" - restaurant (Moscow),the average check in which, according to reviews, is 3000 rubles. Visiting this institution is not a cheap pleasure. But it's worth it. In Moscow, public catering enterprises a huge number, but there are not so many institutions of this level.

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